Can home remedies really treat spider veins



Can home remedies really treat spider veins
Can home remedies really treat
spider veins?
In this section we would like to discuss and also to dispel some of the myths
regarding home remedies to treat vein conditions. Many people opt to use home
remedies instead of getting a proper varicose vein leg pain treatment.
The reasons for this are many, but especially include the fear from surgery and
the fear of high costs. The good news is, that these days spider vein laser
treatment costs way less it used to and in return it’s also way safer, being a 10-20
minute long non-invasive procedure which brings instant results.
Up until you schedule an appointment with a proper vein doctor, let us dispel
some of the weirdest myths regarding effective natural remedies to cure vein
The common causes of spider veins:
Similarly to other vein and artery related diseases spider veins is a condition, that
has to do with poorer blood circulation and with the thinning walls of arteries,
which would eventually make veins appear more visible and eventually to bulge
out from underneath the skin.
While the condition can be thanked to several factors, such as having diabetes,
being overweight, lack of exercise, sitting or standing for long periods of time, it’s
also hereditary. Which means, if your parents had it, you are likely to have them
Myths to dispel:
1.) Apple cider vinegar compression
Before coconut oil, we went through the hysteria surrounding the magical health
effects of apple cider vinegar and it looks this this is one myth that eventually
stayed. Unfortunately no scientific research could prove that the topical
application of apple cider vinegar does any good with treating spider veins.
2.) Putting tomatoes on the affected areas
Similarly to ACV tomatoes have tons of positive effects including a whole lot of
vitamins and minerals. However noone could prove they actually work in making
spider veins disappear, even only slightly.
3.) Herbal remedies
Although there are tons of bio-treatments and natural crèmes or essential oils out
there, which include aloe vera, gingko bilboa, horseradish and Butchers’ broom,
there is no actual proof these actually help in making spider veins disappear.
On the contrary however, they will surely diminish your budget as most of them
have a hefty price. However, you can try them but not before consulting your
doctor, as the effects of natural remedies can negatively counteract with some
other medication you are taking.
Unfortunately, being natural doesn’t mean a
substance cannot do harm with your body.
Therefore, always be careful before applying
any essential oils or other crèmes on your
spider veins.
4.) Sauna and hot and cold shower
Finnish sauna can tend to help with blood
circulation issues, but always be careful and
consult with a vein doctor NJ before trying
these treatments on your own.
Many people would do anything just to avoid medical assistance but at times like
these, it’s better to be proactive and make sure to get a proper treatment for
your spider veins, to avoid any later complications and the development of more
serious circulatory issues.
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