Are there any downsides of Teeth Whitening



Are there any downsides of Teeth Whitening
Are there any downsides of Teeth
To basically change color of dentin needs bleaching. It has much
dramatic effect thereby making the teeth great shades whiter. At the
same time, color also lasts for usually two and three years. Usually,
bleach-based whiteners that consist either hydrogen peroxide or even
carbamide peroxide (that also reacts through water to create hydrogen
peroxide). While these are chemicals break down, these also release
oxygen in enamel on teeth that lightens color.
For the purpose of the professional bleaching, the dentists usually tend
to use the high level of the concentrations of the hydrogen peroxide,
which are between 25 - 40 %. Such stuff may also burn the gums, so
dentist will also cover the gums with the rubber to protect from during
this treatment of Emergency Laser Teeth Whitening. The method is at
times used in the perfect combination with the light and laser, even
though there is also no proof that it makes treatment to be much
At the home treatments there is different form of gels, trays as well as
adhesive strips. These methods generally use lower level of
concentrations of same chemicals, generally 5 to 15 percent of the
hydrogen peroxide that makes them quite safe to use. However, when
you get the treatment processed with .
There are various methods which are also famous. There are few people
that basically there are also the chewing gum as well as the whitener
however, none of them also seems to work perfectly.
Okay, now let us see about what are the downsides?
Like all other things that happen, moderation is known to be the key.
People also known to become much obsessed with the results of
whitening teeth, that they just use these kits quite often. However, the
condition also has a name which is known as bleachorexia, where the
people bleach again and again, at times they often do this weekly, in the
quest to get even more white teeth. (Not really different to the tanorexia,
although on other end of color spectrum.)
The intense as well as repeated Laser Teeth Whitening Houston can
wear down the enamel to many dangerous levels. Certainly not just this
can make your teeth to be much sensitive, but this may also expose
much of dentin, that could, paradoxically, make your teeth to appear
yellower. Being this rule, you should not use whitening treatments to be
much often as it is suggested by the Local Dentist Houston or
instructions on box.
For non-obsessives ways, the bleaching and also different treatments
have some lasting side-effects. One other problem which arises is while
people that use treatments for over-the-counter does not initially consult
the dentist (that will suggest you on health of the gums and teeth and
recommend the proper regime); and also they does not report while
something went wrong. This even means that the side effects are
possibly underreported in dental literature.
This is the cosmetic procedures, so you should never get confuse white
the teeth as the healthy teeth.

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