Tips to finding the right tire for your vehicle



Tips to finding the right tire for your vehicle
Tips To Finding The Right Tire For Your Vehicle
Finding the right tire for your vehicle can become an uphill task if you are not properly
guided. The reason for this is because there are different tires that can be found in a
wholesale tire company showroom. Without help, you might be tempted to head back
home because you will be totally confused.
Before we go on, you should know that the type of tire you need depends on the type of
vehicle you are using. Choosing the wrong tire can be a disaster.
But do not fret; today you will learn all you need to know to help you select the right tire
for your vehicle.
Types of tires:
Speed Rating – these are tires that bear a letter that shows the recommended speed from
the tire manufacturer. You will see L which indicates that the tire is for low-speed or Z for
speeds that are up to 149mph. You can find this at the Nearest tire supplies.
All Season Tires – these types of tires give good performance and can be used for touring,
hence the name – touring tires. Vehicles like wagons, four-door sedans, sporty coupes, and
small SUVs can make use of this tire. You can check with tire supplies wholesale for the
best deal.
Sports, Speed and Performance Tires – many wholesale tire distributors always have
this type of tire in stock. They are the preferred type of tires because of their aggressive
and high-speed performance. This is why they are mostly used with sports sedans and
sports cars. But take note that this tire does not have a long lifespan like other tires because
of its soft sticky rubber compounds. It is also not very good for wet roads or for winter
Truck Tires – they have tall sidewalls and aggressive tread which is suitable for heavy
loads. Truck tires are meant for large SUVs and trucks that are always on the road. Check
with your tire shop equipment supplies and ask them for truck tires. You wouldn’t have
to worry about frequent tire patches or tire wheel weights with this tire.
Snow Tires – these tires are good for the winter weather. They are the best for stability
during winter but should be replaced with other types of tire after winter for a better grip.
Off-Road Tires – they are best for deep snowy, muddy, sandy, or swampy roads. They
provide good traction and have open tread design that can handle such difficult roads.
Size – you can choose a tire based on the wheel diameter, wheel width, and body clearance
requirement of your vehicle. You may want to check with your local tire retailer before
changing your tire size. While at it, you may also ask for wheel lug nuts, wheel adapter,
and tire valve stem caps.
So, there you have the basic tips you need in choosing the right tire for your vehicle. With
this information, you will be better positioned to make the right decision together with
your tire retailer. For all these tires and more, you can check out