Different types of Gemstones



Different types of Gemstones
Different types of Gemstones
Gemstones have played a number of roles in the legends and myths of human
tradition from the past few years. A few loose gems are considered to have special
source of energy or some tell a story, however nearly all of them have common
splendor. Every gem is exceptional with a particular story, birthplace or color. Gems
are available in every shade and are collected from all parts of the world, with every
colored gem having an exclusive creation of stunning color. In this article, we are
going to describe different types of gems accessible in the market.
Green color describes rebirth and love. Emerald is said to be the gemstone of Venus
and therefore it is said to be the supporter in fertility. More vivid and deeper color
the green defines the cost of this gem. The more beautiful and valuable Emeralds
shows a strong bluish hue besides their simple bold green shade. Emeralds are one
of the rarest gemstones.
In colors varying from pink, green, yellow, brown, or gray and lucidity that goes
from translucent to transparent. If you are wondering where to buy genuine
moonstone, you are not alone. There are many people who are in quest of where to
buy moonstone. Well, the answer is simple, there are many offline and online
stores from where you can find the best selection of moonstones. But, you need to
do your research before making a buying decision. Basically, this gem is found in
Madagascar and India, rainbow Moonstone has plenty of colors from yellow to pink
to blue, purple, and peach.
The Ruby shows emotion, courage, passion, and love. For decades, this gem is said to
be the king-of-all gems. You may be confused about which is better from synthetic
ruby vs real ruby. Well, it is said that wearing a real and fine ruby bring good luck
for its wearer. Rubies have been the valued tenure of kings and emperors during the
ages. The shades of ruby is the vital feature of the gem. Rubies are accessible in a
variety of red hues from bluish and purplish red to orange-red. Burmese Ruby is the
most costly and brightest color of Ruby. It is the sign that it’s hot, passionate, rich
red color with a small blue shade.
Cubic zirconia
Loose cubic zirconia is a cheap alternative to diamond with several of the similar
qualities of diamond. This gem is synthetic, which implies that it is developed in a
lab. Because of the higher demand, commercial production of cubic zirconia started
in the 1970s.
London blue topaz
This gem is a dark and medium grayish blue stone, occasionally described as inky or
steely. A number of london blue topaz have a faintly greenish tone when seen from
certain angles. The main reason why this stone is accessible in cheap price is that
topaz is extremely copious material. However natural topaz is available in colorless
(white) and brown and natural blue topaz is extremely rare.