Avoid any complication with treatment of varicose veins



Avoid any complication with treatment of varicose veins
Avoid any complication with treatment of varicose
Varicose veins are a degenerative disease that, generally, is not serious, but they are
unsightly as well as can cause discomfort. In many cases, the treatment of varicose veins will
be palliative, that is, it will serve to alleviate the symptoms and prevent or delay their
progression. In others, they can be cured permanently. You can consult the best vein doctor
in NJ for vein treatment.
Treatment should be considered in the case of varicose veins developed, those that have
produced alterations in the skin or subcutaneous fat, and those in which they want to avoid
future complications.
In this section, the various vein treatment New Jersey of varicose veins available are briefly
related. However, it is important to emphasize that, before starting any therapy, it is
necessary to consult a vein doctor new jersey, who will advise on the most appropriate
techniques in each case, and the advantages and disadvantages of them, as well as their
possible contraindications or complications. Often, the use of compression stockings all day
is the first approach that is attempted before moving on to other treatments. They squeeze
the legs firmly, which helps the veins and muscles of the legs move the blood more
efficiently. The compression varies according to the type and brand.
There are many methods of treatment, even for advanced clinical conditions. The most
important are compression treatment and surgery. The use of compression garments
regularly can help prevent or even stop the progression of the disease. Medical compression
stockings form the basis of vein treatment; if the disease progresses, the patient may
develop thrombosis (blood clots) or even venous ulcers in the leg. If a blood clot breaks
away from the venous wall and circulates through the venous system to the lung, a lifethreatening situation is created, which is called pulmonary embolism. According to the Vein
Doctor NJ, personal care (such as exercising, losing weight, not wearing tight clothing,
raising the legs and avoiding standing or sitting for prolonged periods) can relieve pain and
prevent varicose veins from getting worse.
Physical-hygienic measures
They consist in the correction of the factors that give rise to the appearance of varicose
veins and that are described in the following prevention section. They do not cure varicose
veins, but they improve symptoms as well as prevent the development of complications.
The Best vein doctor in New Jersey advices to control overweight and perform exercises
that promote venous return by developing the muscles of the legs. Careful hygiene and
hydration of the skin of the legs is important.
Microsurgery for vein treatment
It is a modern technique in which only the affected paths are removed, by means of least
incisions. This technique has many advantages over the traditional surgery, since it is
performed under local anaesthesia and does not require hospital stay, the recovery is
therefore very immediate, the aesthetic result is better, and by suppressing only the
affected paths, the possibility of using healthy stretches for a possible by pass. Best vein
doctor New Jersey can treat you by performing the microsurgery for vein treatment.
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