Christmas Garden Berlin 2018-converted


Christmas Garden Berlin 2018-converted
Christmas Garden Berlin- An Angelic Destination of
After the exuberant and vivacious rush of
visitors last year, the magical & dazzling
Christmas world of renowned Christmas
Garden Berlin is back & has opened its door
for 2018-2019 season. Prepare yourselves to
installations of this festive atmosphere. Apply
for Germany Visa UK today and secure your
tickets to this angelic destination.
incorporates ornate ethereal displays, vibrant
dream forests and incandescent figures. You can
spend a contemplative evening in the dream
surroundings of Christmas Garden Berlin with
Germany Visa UK.
The Christmas Garden Berlin celebrated a
gigantic audience success in the last two
years more than a quarter million visitors. The
visitors spent relaxed time while strolling
around in the Christmas Garden & relishing
authentic cuisines from local culinary stalls.
The wonderfully lit foliage and greenhouses of
Berlin Botanical garden also serve as an
alternative to the crowded Christmas Markets.
The 1.5 km long circular route offers new and
spellbinding light installations, 3D figures
themed after Christmas and hundreds of
illuminations. In addition to that, lighted
sculptures and enchanted woods turn the
already impressive gardens into a dreamy
This year the magical journey will begin at the
twilight of 15th November 2018, wherein the
visitors will be taken to an exclusively
fabricated world of bright and luminous winter
magic. Let us find out why Christmas Garden
Berlin holds a special place in everyone’s
The event will be organized at grand Berlin
Botanical garden every night from 15th
November 2018 to 6th January 2019, welcoming
visitors to take a splendid walk through admirably
illuminated utopian landscapes. The event
As you take a relaxed walk through the
magical atmosphere, you can relish luscious
regional food available at several places. You
can experience the soothing warmth from
fireplaces or try a few pirouettes on 300
square meters ice rink.
Christmas Garden Berlin- An Angelic Destination of
One can stroll along the “Field of Lights”
where over countless points of light turn the
entire Botanical Garden into a colorful galaxy.
An enchantingly illuminated “Tree of Wishes”
summons you to write down your wishes and
attach them to its branches.
The magical atmosphere of the Amerikasees is
back to enchant the visitors once again with its
impressive ethereal display.
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