Five simple methods to get a gorgeous lawn


Five simple methods to get a gorgeous lawn
Five simple methods to get a gorgeous lawn
Garden lovers always wanted to have an attractive lawn as the same is a place where their children can play,
they can enjoy sunbath, and they can read something or throw a small party. An attractive lawn is the joy and
pride of the locality, and if it remains green and lush, it will look more appealing.
If you also want your garden look great, then you can get the help by reading this article. Here we are about to
tell you most important five things to make your garden attractive with the help of Landscape Architect
Cutting: To keep your trees and plants healthy, regular trimming or cutting is important. You can do the same
on your own, or you can hire professional gardener or Landscape Architect Atherton. Lawn grass also needs
the regular cutting to set the grass.
Fertilising: Grass trimming eliminates essential nutrients; hence it is important to give adequate nutrients back
to the grass for their healthy development. Thus, in the starting season of spring, you have to fertilise your lawn
within four or five weeks. Phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen are basic ingredients in lawn fertilisers that you
can buy from any retailer shop.
Watering: It is important for lawn, plants and trees so that they can remain green and lush during summer. The
amount of watering depends on humidity and temperature. When the lawn grass requires water, it will start to
acquire a blue-gray shade, and the elder grass on your lawn will start to wilt or curl up. In case you installed
new lawn in your garden, you need the services of Saratoga Landscape Design. Also, you will have to water it
one time in a day that will let the seeds to sprout and leads to the fine firm root system.
Weed Control: with the help of right and persistence technique of Los Gatos Landscape Design you can
actually get rid of weeds. You can eliminate weeds with the use of some instruments of by hands. If there are
tiny weeds like white clover or veronicas, then they need to eliminate by manual scarifier. Dandelions and
daisies need to be eliminated by a root weeder. It would be great if weeds are removed from the root so that
they cannot re-grow.
Aerification and scarifying: Proper air is essential for plants as well as grassroots so that they can breathe
properly and nurture. Make sure that the soil in the lawn is not dirty as it will obstruct the path of ample air. The
San Jose Landscape Design will help you to give a perfect design to your garden. It would be better to trample
holes in the lawn by using digging fork and then pack them crude sand. It will let the proper oxygen and water
flow in the roots. You can easily give ample breathing holes for the grass roots just by eliminating the lawn
thatch. It will enable the stems nurture better.

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