Male Organ Function and Gout Can Be Linked



Male Organ Function and Gout Can Be Linked
Male Organ Function and Gout Can Be
It’s no news that we prefer things that work rather than things that don’t
work, and so a man is much happier when he is blessed with good male
organ function rather than faulty male organ function. Maintaining a proper
level of male organ health is one way to help maintain male organ function,
but sometimes issues arise outside of pen is health which can impact
function. For example, health conditions that develop elsewhere in the body
may have a secondary effect on the manhood. Surprisingly, this can be the
case with gout.
About gout
Many people are surprised to learn that gout is even still a “thing” today.
Often if a person thinks of gout at all, they think of it as something that used
to affect decadent gluttons from centuries past and visualize a bewigged and
pomaded nobleman who has overindulged in wine and rich foods, sitting
with a bandaged foot raised on a velvet stool.
In fact, gout is not necessarily a “rich person’s disease” at all, and is more
common today than one might think. As many as 8 million people in
America suffer from gout, a substantial number. And they are by no means
all members of the moneyed elite.
Uric acid
Gout is technically a form of arthritis, in that it attacks the joints of the body.
While it may appear in the ankles or knees, the majority of gout cases occur
in the toes – and almost always in the big toe.
Gout occurs when there is too much uric acid in the body and this acid forms
large crystals which then get stuck in the joints. It can be quite painful,
sometimes leaving a person unable to walk.
Uric acid is formed as a waste product when the body digests foods
containing a substance known as prurine. Usually, the uric acid leaves the
body through urination – but if there is too much uric acid, it gets into the
bloodstream and there can form the nasty crystals.
Prurine is found in many foods, including red meat, beer, dried beans, organ
meats, and some kinds of seafood. Consuming too much of these may cause
uric acid to build up, but some people have a genetic predisposition toward
developing uric acid. Pother people may have medical conditions, such as
diabetes, or lifestyle issues, such as obesity, which can also increase the risk
of developing gout.
Gout and male organ function
So how does a problem in the big toe potentially affect male organ function?
It has to do with blood vessels.
The lining of blood vessels is called endothelium, and the stronger the
endothelium, the stronger the blood vessel. Manhood blood vessels
especially need to be strong, as it is their ability to accommodate increased
blood flow that influences tumescent male organ function. But as uric acid
travels throughout the bloodstream, it can cause damage to the endothelium.
When uric acid levels are high, as with gout, the potential to damage the
endothelium increase substantially.
Men with gout, or who suspect that they may be inclined toward gout,
should consult with a doctor to discuss options for lowering uric acid levels
and maintaining them at an acceptable level.
Whether male organ function is impacted by gout or by other factors, it
stands to reason that the healthier the member, the more resistant to issues it
can be. Therefore, men should regularly apply a top drawer male organ
health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin). It’s especially important to select
a crème that contains both L-arginine and vitamin C. L-arginine is an amino
acid which helps boost nitric oxide production, which enables member blood
vessels to more properly expand as needed. And vitamin C also aids in
proper manhood blood flow, buttressing the efforts of L-arginine.

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