How You can Join Merchant Navy



How You can Join Merchant Navy
How You can Join Merchant Navy?
A merchant navy career can be most advantageous in case you are searching profitable jobs. There are different
entry modes into the field.
Noticed regarding this high-paying and amazing job from your family or friends that not just permits you to
earn while you are doing your study but even opens up different types of traveling opportunities. The field of
Merchant Navy can be best for you if you wish to earn good and traveling all through the oceans for some
months doesn’t bother you.
Merchant navy through Merchant Navy Online Application Form is a ships fleet that is accountable for
transporting weighty goods from one place to another. It is the important parts of global trade as most of the
export and import is done with the help of ships.
A career through Best Merchant Navy Colleges In Rajasthan can be most advantageous in case you are
searching profitable jobs. There are different modes of entry into the Merchant Navy Courses In Jaipur. You
can join Institute Merchant Navy Rajasthan at any level starting after 10th class to the level of graduation.
Here in this article you can find out the career opportunities in this amazing field:
Following are the Merchant Navy career after 12th that you can apply for:
1. Admission throughout merit and entrance exams:
In case you wish to apply for Institute Marine Engineering Rajasthan for entering Merchant Navy, then you
would need to appear for entrance examinations. Exams such as JEE Advanced, IMU CET, TMISAT, MERI
Entrance Exam, etc. are conducted for the purpose of admission to Colleges For Merchant Navy In Jaipur
after 12th class. Though, there are only some colleges that even take students on the 12th class marks basis.
2. Entry Based on Sponsorship:
Entry in Merchant Navy Colleges In Jaipur is even possible in case you apply to either of the famous
institutes for different types of maritime programs. You can even apply for the role of sponsorships at the
Institute Marine Engineering India institutes started by shipping companies to train possible candidates for
the field of merchant navy. The type of sponsorship to go on a ship would be offered to you by this company
just in case you have finished a Deck Cadet Course India from their institute. You can even apply for different
sponsorships at different types of companies.
3. LE into 2nd year of Marine Engineering:
If talking about Direct Admission then it can even be taken into the 2nd year of marine engineering programs
agreed by the Directorate General of Shipping. There are some different methods of securing seats of LE in
different Marine Engineering programs:
After finishing the 1st year of engineering from mechanical or electrical branch with bare minimum 60%
Doing a diploma in mechanical, electrical marine or ship-building engineering along with at least 60%
summative marks
The field of Merchant Navy is needed exhaustive amount of traveling, there are good paying off-shore
alternatives that one can check after taking an early job withdrawal or on contact completion.