Powerlifting – What NOT to do



Powerlifting – What NOT to do
Powerlifting – What NOT to do!
Powerlifting is not the same as bodybuilding. While you do need a gym membership for both, there are some
differing aspects. For instance, in powerlifting, your focus is on lifting weights.While it does need you to
exercise heavily and build muscle mass, the workout routines and techniques are a little different. In order to
become a good power lifter, you need to have the right muscles for performing the lifts. Done correctly,
powerlifting can be liberating and good for your health. Do it wrong, and it will increase your chances of injury.
If you are an aspiring power lifter and are training for a meet then you should avoid doing the following things.
Only Doing Specific Exercises
Squat, Bench and Dead Lifts are considered the big three of powerlifting. You might hear it often that you only
need to do these three exercises in order to become a good power lifter. This isn’t totally accurate. While the big
three are definitely the exercises that you should focus on the most, they aren’t the only ones that you need. You
should have a workout routine that combines different accessory exercises as well. For instance, good morning
and heavy holds are some of the accessory exercises that can complement the big three and help you in your
powerlifting efforts.
Consuming Excessive Amounts of Stimulants
Stimulants can help you gain a boost of energy before a workout session. However, they can cost you a lot later.
Consuming excessive amounts of stimulants can drain the body of energy very quickly and stop you from
lifting heavier weights. It is best to make use of the stimulants in a very controlled manner. You should try to
get the energy boost from other sources than stimulants as much as possible and only use them as a last resort
before a meet.
Not Taking Proper Rest
Rest and recovery are just as critical for a power lifter as it is for a bodybuilder. You can’t expect to recover
quickly if you aren’t taking proper rest after an intense workout session. It is best to create a sleeping schedule
and sticking to it as much as you can. There shouldn’t be more than a thirty-minute difference in your daily
sleeping and waking times.
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