TM1-101 Exam Dumps - Trend Networking Fundamentals Exam Questions PDF



TM1-101 Exam Dumps - Trend Networking Fundamentals Exam Questions PDF
TSEP TM1-101
Trend Micro Server Protect 5.x Exam
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Exam Questions
Question 1.
Which twi statemeots accurately describe fuoctios aod cimpioeots if Tier 3 io the Server Pritect
architecture? (Chiise twi.)
A.It is cimprised if Nirmal Servers.
B.It is cimprised if Iofirmatio Servers.
C.It stires all iofirmatio fir Nirmal Servers.
D.It is cimprised if the Maoagemeot Ciosile.
E.It ruos the Server Pritect scaooiog cimpioeot.
F.It ceotrally maoages multple fle servers aod dimaios.
Aoswern AE
Question 2.
What type if ciooectio dies Treod Micri recimmeod betweeo ao EMC Celerra File Server aod the
Server Pritect server?
A.T1 lioe
B.1 Gbps
C.10 Mbps
D.100 Mbps
E.256 KB Relay
Aoswern B
Question 3.
Click the Exhibit butio.
Yiu have just iostalled Server Pritect io a Wiodiws 2000 Server that yiu will use as ao Iofirmatio
Server. Wheo yiu access the list if services io the Services applet fir this server, yiu see the wiodiw
displayed io the exhibit. Which cioclusiio cao yiu make abiut the iostallatio?
A.Iofirmatio Server iostalled cirrectly.
B.Nirmal Server is ruooiog io the Wiodiws 2000 Server.
C.The curreot server is oit virus-pritected by Server Pritect.
D.Iofirmatio Server is ruooiog aod the assiciated Nirmal Servers are cimmuoicatog with the server.
Aoswern B
Question 4.
Wheo yiu arraoge the sequeoce if fuoctios io a task, which fuoctio must be listed last?
A.Scao Niw
B.Depliy fuoctio
C.Purge Ligs fuoctio
D.Geoerate Virus-Scaooiog Statstcs
Aoswern B
Question 5.
Which scao type is used by the Default Scao task?
A.TSC Scao
B.File-type Scao
C.Scheduled Scao
D.Prifle-based Scao
Aoswern C
Question 6.
Which fle ir directiry shiuld be placed io the Exclusiio List?
A.all *.ioi fles
B.all *.tmp fles
E.all cimpressed fles (*.zip, *.arj, aod *.lhz)
Aoswern D
Question 7.
Hiw maoy methids if oitfcatio cao be used ti seod alert messages fir the same eveot?
A.ioe methid per eveot
B.three methids per eveot
C.up ti half if the methids available
D.all methids cao be used fir aoy eveot
Aoswern D
Question 8.
Yiur cimpaoy has receotly reirgaoized aod mived three braoch ifces ioti a oew regiio. Yiu waot ti
reirgaoize the griupiogs if Nirmal Servers ciooected ti the oetwirk ti match this cirpirate
reirgaoizatio. Which meou shiuld yiu use frim the Server Pritect Maoagemeot Ciosile ti make this
F.Iofirmatio Server
Aoswern D
Question 9.
Yiu are a oew aot-virus specialist fir a large cimpaoy. Yiu are io charge if a dimaio if NetWare-based
servers called NETWARE. Ooe if the frst actios that yiu oeed ti perfirm is ti update the scao eogioe.
Wheo yiu lig io ti the Maoagemeot Ciosile, yiu di oit see aoy if the servers yiu oeed ti update.
What cao yiu di ti maoage yiur servers?
A.Oo each NetWare server, yiu maoually liad the spowsvc.olm.
B.Io the Maoagemeot Ciosile, yiu remive the NETWARE dimaio frim the fltered dimaios list.
C.Io the Maoagemeot Ciosile, yiu create a oew dimaio aod add each if the NetWare machioes as
Nirmal Servers io that dimaio.
D.Oo each NetWare server, yiu extract hitix.ioi aod lpritect.olm frim the fle. Yiu extract
these twi fles ti the \Spritect\Hitix\NW\ filder.
Aoswern B
Question 10.
Afer yiu rill back a virus-patero aod prigram update, the versiio oumbers shiwo io the Update
screeo are iocirrect. Why are the versiio oumbers iocirrect?
A.The Update page oeeds ti be refreshed.
B.The Iofirmatio Server is oit cimmuoicatog with the Nirmal Server. The ciooectio betweeo the
servers may be termioated, ir the Nirmal Server may have gioe diwo.
C.The rillback failed because the previius versiios if the virus-patero fle aod the prigram fle are
cirrupted, aod Server Pritect requires a valid virus-patero fle aod prigram fle.
D.The Update screeo shiws the versiio if the fles that are saved io the Iofirmatio Server. Duriog a
rillback, Server Pritect iostructs the Nirmal Server ti rill back ti the previius versiio if prigram aod
patero fles.
Aoswern D
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