How to Take Apart a Bed Frame



How to Take Apart a Bed Frame
How to Take Apart a Bed Frame
Safe to say, moving large furniture items like beds has never been a piece of cake. Their huge size makes it hard
to lift and move them from one place to another. However, you can simplify this task if you disassemble the bed
frame before your move. It does require a little work and effort but it can make your task of moving the bed a
lot easier. Disassembling the bed frames needs to be done in a systematic order if you want to ensure that
nothing goes wrong. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can take apart a bed frame in a safe manner.
Remove the Bedding and Covers
The first step when taking apart a bed frame is to remove the covers and the bedding from the top. This is
important because, with the extra items cleared away, you will have access to the bed frame so you can
commence the task of dismantling it. Make sure that the covers and bedding are securely packed away in a bag
or box before moving on to the next step.
Take Off the Slats
Slats are not a part of the bed frame but it is what your bed’s mattress rests on. So, to get to the bed frame, you
have to take off the slats first. In most beds, the slats aren’t hooked up to the rails and can easily be taken off.
However, if the slats are connected to the rails, you would have to separate them first before removing them.
Make sure that the slats are joined by a string and shipped off together.
Unscrew the Screws
All bed frames are composed of different sections that are held together with the help of screws.. You will find
these screws at different joints near the footboard and headboard of the bed. Unscrewing the screws requires
using a screwdriver. You can also use a wrench for this purpose but you will need to loosen the screws first
using a screwdriver before prying them out using the wrench. These screws are very important and would be
needed when reassembling the bed frame. So, store them in a safe place where you can find them easily.
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