Nanaimo Correctional Centre



Nanaimo Correctional Centre
Call Your Loved Ones From The Nanaimo Correctional
Centre Using The Collect Call Facility
Where Is Nanaimo Correctional Centre Located?
Nanaimo is a place located in British Columbia province, Canada. British Columbia has 10
correctional centres. The contact number of Nanaimo Correctional Centre is +1 250-7563300.
What Is A Detention Centre?
A detention centre is a place for prisoners who are punished for committing crimes. The
prisoners are called inmates and are denied freedom from various everyday activities.
Correctional centres provide safe and secure custody to many prisoners jailed for
committing crimes, both juvenile and adult.
Booking A Visit
There is a procedure to book a visit to meet the inmates. The loved ones of the inmates
need to call the number, +1 250-756-3300 and schedule a time slot to visit them.
The regular visitation hours for the Nanaimo Correctional Centre are on Wednesday,
Saturday and Sunday. On Wednesday, you can visit the inmate between 5.30 PM to 9 PM.
On Saturday and Sunday, it is between 8 AM to 3 PM.
To Whom Can An Inmate Call?
An inmate may call any loved one in Canada but cannot receive chargeable collect calls.
Cheap Inmate Calling Services & Procedure
There are a good number of telephone companies in Canada that provide cheap inmate
calling services which are very affordable.
Please make a note that you would receive phone calls to your cell phones only when
inmates call using either the inmate debit calling account or prepaid collect facility.
Inmates are not allowed to receive calls to their cell phones, but make outgoing calls only to
talk to their loved ones. Under no circumstances, incoming calls are permitted by the jail
The collect call system is the standard way of calling where cell phones of the inmates
cannot receive collect calls as per the rules of the correctional centre.
Is It Expensive To Receive Collect Calls From Jail?
Earlier a few years back before the telecom companies brought the cheaper unlimited
calling packages, the calls from jail were expensive. But now, as per the new directive, those
calls have become very affordable, and there are telecom companies which offer as low as 7
cents per minute to CA $2 per minute for collect calls. These calls are a default option for
calling loved ones from jail by the inmates.
Like every other jail, the Nanaimo Correctional Centre allows the inmates to call the local
number provided by the telephone companies to collect calls in the jail.
How Long Is An Inmate Permitted To Talk On A Phone Call?
The rules and regulations vary from one jail to the other, but the maximum the inmate can
talk to the loved ones is for 15 minutes. If the inmate wants to speak for more than that, he
has to wait for 30-45 minutes and then make another call. The correctional centres monitor
and record the calls made by the inmates to their loved ones.
Are The Inmates Permitted To Have A Phone In Jail?
Prisoners are not allowed to maintain a phone in jail but are permitted to use the collect call
facility which is by calling from the jail’s landline to their loved ones and family members.
These collect calls are frequently recorded and monitored.
Buying Unlimited Collect Calls Package
Subscribe with the best telecom companies which offer the best pricing per call per minute
for collect calls from jail. You can talk unlimited per call, and you will not be charged per
minute but only for a call as low as CAD 1.50.