Find The Best Materials For Your Siding Installation Project.


Find The Best Materials For Your Siding Installation Project.
Find The Best Materials For Your Siding Installation Project.
When you think to invest in siding at your home, you want it done right. You also want the assurance
that it will last for decades to come. And that it will maintain its initial appearance it had when first
purchased. When replacing the siding on your home, consider investing in wall cladding. It is highly
moisture resistant.
Why would you want water resistant cladding?
When moisture makes contact with a water-resistant surface, it doesn’t alter the appearance. When it
penetrates a porous substance, it can alter the materials. If this occurs, it will accelerate the aging
process causing issues like warping. There are exterior cladding options made from water resistant
materials. These materials demonstrate resilience even when exposed to moist conditions for prolonged
periods of time.
Siding Commonly Chosen For Water Resistance & Resilience
One of the most common types of siding materials is vinyl cladding. The High quality material is easy to
install and is also highly water-resistant. The vinyl comes in an array of colors and styles. It was once
widely seen as an outdated material. However, it has now become a popular type of siding due to the
many textures and styles introduced.
Fiber Cement Siding
Fiber cement siding is commonly used for its moisture resistant property. With all types of finishes,
colors and styles available, it can provide a sophisticated feel. It’s slightly more expensive than vinyl.
However, far less expensive than some of the upscale options out there. As a low maintenance and
durable option, the siding can have any textured appearance imaginable. It can be made to resemble
stucco, stone or wood. In fact, it’s actually a mixture of wood fibers, cement and sand. This type of
cladding is very common in beach areas where the moisture and salt levels are highest. The material is
more low maintenance than its vinyl counterpart. The only bad characteristic is that it has to be
repainted periodically.
Metal exteriors can last hundreds of years. It is commonly chosen for its aesthetic value. Of course this
material is quite resistant to moisture. The siding’s appearance is modern. There are many choices such
as steel or aluminum. This material easily allows a person eco-friendly as well as durable option for their
homes. There are several added benefits to metal exteriors. It is resistant to pests and fire damage as
well. The cladding is also non-corrosive. Most of the used contents can be reclaimed and re-purposed
for other use.
The Right Siding Installation Company: Rain
The performance of the cladding largely depends on the siding installer and the method installed.
Experienced installers will combine these water-resistant cladding options with complementary building
materials capable of further increasing their performance capabilities. These water resistant cladding
materials are often used for variety in design and style options. This is because it can accomplish both
aesthetic and performance goals. Many view wood as one of the weaker cladding options. Simply
because it is prone to swelling and warping as it ages.
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