How to Protect Your Furniture During a Move



How to Protect Your Furniture During a Move
How to Protect Your Furniture During a Move
Moving is a challenging task which is made even more daunting when you consider the possibility of your
possessions getting damaged in transit. Almost any of your items can be damaged when being moved from one
home to the other. However, it is the larger and heavier furniture items that are more at risk than other items.
The reason for this is their heavier weight and larger size. While fragile items can be easily packed in boxes to
keep them safe, you can’t stuff a sofa or a dresser into a box for protective purposes. So, what can you do to
protect your furniture during a move? Let’s find out.
Getting the Right Packing Materials
While furniture items can’t be packed in boxes, they can be wrapped up to ensure that they don’t collide with
other items or the insides of a moving truck during transit. However, to do this, you need to secure the right
packing materials first. Bubble wrap and plastic stretch wrap are ideal for furniture wrapping while corrugated
cardboard sheets can be placed in between furniture items and the sides of the moving truck. This can ensure
that the furniture items don’t bounce around in the moving truck and get gouged or damaged in the process.
Moreover, covers for mattresses and sofas are also needed for protecting upholstery.
Always Dismantle Furniture Before a Move
Most furniture items comprise of many smaller components and can be dismantled quite easily. When moving
such furniture items, it is a good idea to have them dismantled first and then loaded into the moving truck. This
includes drawers of chests and the frames of a bed. You should also strip away the cushions and bedding and
pack them in a different box to ensure that they don’t get damaged during transport. Dismantled furniture items
can also be stuffed in boxes quite easily. Moreover, dismantling these items can lighten the weight of the heavy
furniture too. So, make sure that all your furniture that can be safely dismantled is taken apart piece by piece
and stored in storage boxes instead of being transported as a whole.
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be safely moved to your new home then feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

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