How to Get a Smooth Member - What a Man Should and Shouldn’t Do for a Velveteen Male Organ



How to Get a Smooth Member - What a Man Should and Shouldn’t Do for a Velveteen Male Organ
How to Get a Smooth Member: What a Man Should
and Shouldn’t Do for a Velveteen Male Organ
While most men may shudder at the thought of someone calling their
member soft, it can really be a good thing. Not in regard to vigor, but when
it comes to touch and feel. In a study published in 2015, it was found that
women overwhelmingly stated that the aesthetic appearance of the male
organ was the most desirable quality to them when assessing a man’s
reproductive package. One aspect of the aesthetic is the smoothness, tone,
and feel of the male organ. It is a visual representation of a man’s health and
personal care. Many men report that not only is a smooth member healthy,
but it is also more sensitive and responsive than one that is suffering from
dry or thickened skin. While not substantiated in science, anecdotally
women report being more “friendly” to a well-groomed member than one
with more questionable signs of wear, tear, and lack of care.
There are many ways to get a nice, silky-smooth member and also a few
things men shouldn’t do. Here’s the low-down on how to get a smooth
member the right way.
How to Get a Smooth Member: What NOT to Do
Usually it isn’t good to start with the negative, but when it comes to male
organ exfoliation, there’s a need to get common misinformation out of the
way first. Here are the things a man should not do when on their quest for
the smoothest member is the land:
1. Do not use an exfoliator. Things like apricot scrubs, salt scrubs, sugar
scrubs, or scrubs with beads should be avoided at all costs.
2. Do not use a loofah, pumice stone (ouch!), or exfoliation glove.
3. Definitely do not use acid-based exfoliators. If it says acid, do not use.
It doesn’t matter if it says gentle or low-concentration. It’s acid! A
man wouldn’t dip his dick in a vat of acid—so, don’t apply cosmetic
acids! Talk about a four-alarm fire that resists water.
Why not get a little aggressive with the exfoliating? Well, male organ skin is
extremely delicate in general and even more so on the tip. It also protects the
body from foreign pathogens that can cause illness and infection, which
surely isn’t pretty or healthy. When too roughly exfoliated, the skin gets
microtears that invite bacteria into the body, which not only can invite
infection and disease, but also can be quite painful and a little scary to look
How to Get a Smooth Member: What to Do
These are tried-and-true tips that will get a man into smooth member
1. Use Gentle Cleansers – If it’s unpronounceable, it’s probably not a
good thing to put on the member. Use a soft washcloth or hands with
warm water to suds up. Thoroughly rinse so as to not leave residue
behind. A natural baby wash is a wonderful choice for cleaning up the
2. Work Those Hard-ons! – Every muscle needs a regular workout, and
the male organ is no different. When it becomes hard, the member is
actually toning itself and stretching the skin naturally and activating
the male organ tissue. The skin tones as a result. It’s also a great way
to keep the male organ healthy and active.
3. Incorporate Healthy Fats – Eat a diet that includes healthy, monosaturated fats like avocados, olive oil, mackerel, and nuts. These
special super fats keep skin elastic, soft, and plump. They nourish
from the inside and show the results on the outside!
Using a specially formulated male organ health creme (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and
mild for skin) is also a great addition to daily grooming. These male organspecific crèmes are expressly formulated for the male organ’s delicate skin,
using natural bases like shea butter and vitamin E. These bases not only heal
and hydrate the skin but also lock in moisture to preserve elasticity and
softness. Choose a crème that also includes other ingredients like Lcarnitine, which promotes member sensitivity, and L-arginine, which
increases blood flow to the member for strong, firm hard-ons.

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