Sensual Tips During Pregnancy - for Men



Sensual Tips During Pregnancy - for Men
Sensual Tips During Pregnancy - for Men
Even the more experienced among us (male and female) can benefit from
sensual tips in one area or another. Sometimes they can be useful for
improving male organ health, at other times they may boost one’s
performance in bed, and some others may help improve the appearance of
one’s sensual equipment. One area where sensual tips can come in especially
handy is sensual activity during pregnancy. While most pieces look at this
subject (understandably so) from the woman’s point of view, it’s clear that
male partners are also going to be affected during these important 40 weeks.
With that in mind, the following are a few basic sensual tips for men during
Go with the flow
For first-time parents, this is a brand-new experience; even for those who
have been through birth before, every pregnancy is different in some ways or
others. Men need to be prepared to go with the flow, to bend a little when
necessary to make the pregnancy easier for the expectant partner. (This
extends to areas beyond just sensual activity, mind you.) New positions may
need to be experimented with, new angles tried, new schedules adhered to
(or schedules thrown out the window altogether). Moves a man has used
with great success on his partner may not have the same effect, and vice
versa. It’s important not to get locked into a “This isn’t how it used to be”
mindset and instead adopt a “This is all new and exciting” one.
Be prepared to be unsettled
Some couples report that they have much more sensual activity during
pregnancy than when the woman is not pregnant. Others report much less,
and still others report no change in quantity. Any of these scenarios is likely
to be true – and equally possible is that there will be periods of much greater
sensual activity and periods of lessened activity. When a “drought” period
occurs, a guy should be ready to abstain or to make more use of selfpleasuring than usual.
Study up on positions
With so many changes in a woman’s body, she is going to require something
beyond missionary for coupling during pregnancy. It benefits a man to bone
up on sensual positions in advance, so that when his partner says, “That just
doesn’t feel right,” he can be prepared to move into something that works
better. It’s best to work together in this area – to ask, “What feels different?”
or “What would be more comfortable?” and figure out the best position from
One popular pregnancy position involves a woman sitting on the edge of the
bed, lying back, and raising her legs into the “stirrups” position used during
a woman’s issues exam. The male stands or kneels on the floor by the bed
and enters from there, without placing his weight on the woman’s torso.
Cowgirls positions (with the man lying prone and the woman climbing on
top of him) also tend to be better during pregnancy. And spooning positions,
in which the man and woman lie together, her back to his front, like a pair of
spoons, can be effective.
Go oral
Sensual activity doesn’t have to require penetration, of course, so men
should always be ready to use their oral skills during pregnancy. Many
women feel especially stimulated during pregnancy (possibly due to
increased blood flow to their female organ area), and this can heighten the
pleasure of oral sensual activity – as well as other forms of sensual activity.
Of course, any sensual tips for men, whether focusing on pregnancy or not,
need to mention the use of a top-notch male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin). The best crèmes will provide the organ with direct
topical access to the most important vitamins – A, B5, C, D, and E. In
addition, try to select a crème that contains a potent antioxidant, such as
alpha lipoic acid. This will help to strengthen male organ skin and tissues by
helping prevent oxidative stress and its resulting damage.

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