plastic molding company



plastic molding company
plastic molding company
May 2, 2005, Dongguan,Gangdon,China–Sincere Techplastic Molding
company has announced a new way to control costs associated with
plastic injection molding. The company, through innovative engineering,
has pioneered a method of providing plastic molders an extended
warranty program that guarantees no additional mold costs while using a
SINCERE TECH mold. Company founder and CEO, Mike Eikenberry
adds, "Mold repair has always plagued companies because it is a variable
cost. We have essentially made that a fixed cost under the SINCERE
TECH program."
plastic injection molded parts
plastic mold
plastic molding
SINCERE TECH will offer the extended warranty program on any mold
it designs and builds, and in some cases, on molds it rebuilds. "There are
several plans available," says Eikenberry. Some allow for scheduled
preventive maintenance and/or repair as needed.
Alternatives are to
simply send the customer the required details and instructions for proper
mold maintenance and diagrams for in-house repair.
This dramatic step can be taken by the 37-year-old Kokomo, Indiana,
company because, as Eikenberry points out, "All molds built by
SINCERE TECH are designed to be easily repaired and maintained. It's
all in the construction." High wear and/or weak steel areas are inserted
with easy to remove and replace high quality steel inserts. Each inserted
area has a specified location and identification indicated on location maps
provided with the mold. Each insert is constructed in such a way as to
make it impossible to install in the wrong place or incorrect orientation.
Even ejector pins are identified in the same manner resulting in simplified
SINCERE TECH's Premium Extended Warranty plan also allows for
work to be sub-let to a local tool shop previously approved by the
customer and SINCERE TECH, or molds can be shipped to SINCERE
TECH for warranty service. "Its simple," says Eikenberry, "whatever
works best for the customer."
The Premium Extended Warranty
Program at SINCERE TECH Mold and Engineering is effective

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