Casetide 21 aug



Casetide 21 aug
Small Accessories Also Have Big Market
As mobile phone screens become larger and larger, and mobile phones become more and more
fragile, a new industry has emerged - popular phone case to protect the phone and extend the
life of the phone. In recent years, with the launch of iPhones and the increase in high-end
mobile phones, the style and function of funny iphone cases have begun to show
diversification. The unique phone cases not only protects the function of the phone, it is acting
as a new landscape on the phone. Although the protective phone cases is only a mobile phone
derivative, the phone case itself is low in manufacturing threshold, strong in plasticity, and has
a large market demand, which is valued by mobile phone manufacturers. With the continuous
expansion of the phone cases market, a hand-held smart phone often has a variety of phone
cases, and the popular phone case has become a necessity from the guise.
On the one hand, the popular phone cases market is almost a zero threshold. As long as the
material of the phone case is determined, and then the mold is made according to the shape of
the unique phone case, it can be sold in the market. In the huge market “money” scene, many
competitors all came in droves. Many small manufacturers and cottage enterprises follow the
trend and hit the market with low prices.
On the other hand, the homogenization of popular phone cases products is serious and full of
black technology. At the same time, the market share is mostly divided by many small
manufacturers, and it is difficult to gather the industry giants. Therefore, under the chaotic
image of the homogenization and lack of supervision, the unique phone cases brands can only
stand on their heels by creating differentiated product advantages. Nowadays, some new
industries with the main direction of designing phone cases have brought new breakthroughs
to the mobile phone supporting industry.
In recent years, the unique phone cases beauty has gradually become a way for young people
to display their personality. The apple iphone 7 plus case has also from a fashion accessory into
a single practical product and have a big market.

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