Importance of cool body sculpting



Importance of cool body sculpting
Importance of cool body
Today, you can see that there are many people that are facing the problem of
extra weight. The technique of cold body sculpting sometimes also called
Coolsculpting is a non-invasive medical technique for the treatment of fatty
deposits localized by the cold. Its effectiveness and safety have been evaluated
by several medical publications.
How does cool body sculpting?
The non surgical fat removal procedures take place in the office and lasts
between 1 and 4 hours. The greasy bead will be sucked into a small cavity
where it will be exposed to intense and controlled cold. This exposure to cold
will have the effect of causing a selective destruction of fat cells. This
destruction will continue progressively during the 3 months following the
 Freezing of the bead between the 2 electrodes
 Appearance at the end of the session, at the removal of the membrane.
 A well frozen cluster is usually a sign of a good clinical response; it will
be followed by an energetic massage optimizing the effect of cold.
Is cool body sculpting painful?
Cryolipolysis is not a painful procedure and is performed in the office without
anaesthesia. A feeling of discomfort is felt during the first minutes of treatment
related to the phenomenon of aspiration. This sensation disappears rapidly
during the cooling phase, which has antalgic properties. After the session; the
same type of pain can be observed after abdominal flexion.
Is cool body sculpting dangerous?
Cryolipolysis is an extremely best non invasive fat removal when it is well
done, supervised by a serious dermatologist and with a reliable device. The
main side effects identified are minor and most often reversible: bruising,
edema, induration, abdominal discomfort, superficial burns, and loss of
transient sensitivity. Some cases of suction-related hernias have also been
described which contraindicate the technique to patients who have undergone
digestive surgery on the suction area. Finally, some exceptional cases of
paradoxical fat hyperplasia (the opposite of the desired effect) have recently
been reported with some devices. Be careful to choose the practitioner who
makes it because several cases of necrosis have been described following the
use of unreliable equipment by non-medical personnel. Studies have shown that,
although the destroyed fat is removed through the blood, there is no change in
blood cholesterol because the effect is progressive.
Who can benefit from cool body sculpting?
Cool body sculpting before and after is for people with localized fat
deposits. This greasy mass must be able to be sucked by the machine. This
requires a certain laxity that can be spotted by pinching it between the fingers.
The best indications are therefore the medial and lateral abdominal bulges
("Love cuffs") and the back. Other areas can be treated, but with a little less
important efficiency: thighs, knees, or any other area that can be sucked into the
device. Orange peel or isolated looseness, on the other hand, is not a good
indication but can be improved by Endymed radio frequency techniques for