Keep Sensual Life Happy by Maintaining Male Organ Sensitivity



Keep Sensual Life Happy by Maintaining Male Organ Sensitivity
Keep Sensual Life Happy by Maintaining
Male Organ Sensitivity
Various competitors may vie for first place, such as family, career or
religious satisfaction, but sensual life is definitely one of the top choices for
the most important thing in a man’s life. And without meaning to demean in
any way any of the other choices, it’s easy to see why sensual life may edge
it out for some men. After all, a good sensual life is a wonderful thing, and
can help in maintaining appropriate male organ health as well. But for men,
male organ sensitivity is a key component of a satisfying sensual life. Many
men experience a diminishment in male organ sensitivity at times, so
knowing about this issue and possible causes is suggested for all men.
Roughly speaking, male organ sensitivity refers to the proper degree of
“feeling” or “sensation” in the manhood, such that the nerve endings
respond to appropriate stimulation to create tumescence and eventual seed
release and physical joy release. Sometimes when there is a loss of male
organ sensitivity, it may affect the ability to become tumescent or to become
as firm when tumescent as desired. In other instances, it may mean that it
takes longer or more effort for a man to release seed and physical joy release
or that his physical joy release may not be as intense and fulfilling as it used
to be.
So what are some potential things that might lead to loss of male organ
sensitivity? There are several causes, including:
 Excess friction. Quite possibly the most common cause, too much
friction – especially too much friction repeatedly applied over
extended periods of time – can rub delicate male organ nerve endings
raw and deaden them. This friction may come from sensual activity,
such as utilizing a too-tight “death grip” while self-pleasuring or from
insufficient lubrication during partner sensual activity. But there can
be non-sensual causes, too, such as going commando (not wearing
underwear) so that the member rubs against rough fabric.
 Lack of male hormone. Male hormone is a major contributor to
sensual function processes, and sometimes when a man’s T levels are
low, so is male organ sensitivity.
 Sitting around too much. It’s well known that getting appropriate
exercise can be a boon in many areas, including maintaining male
organ sensitivity. When a man sits around too long too often, blood
flow gets restricted – especially if he is overweight, which often
accompanies too much sitting around and too little exercise. Without
proper blood flow, nerve endings can be deadened.
 Diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes can cause nerve damage throughout
the body. It is most often associated with the nerves in the feet, but
manhood nerve endings can also be damaged.
What to do
There are numerous lifestyle and other changes that can help prevent or treat
loss of male organ sensitivity and the subsequent damage to one’s sensual
life. For example, those with diabetes need to make sure that they are
monitoring their condition and taking their medication as required.
Eliminating or decreasing alcohol and tobacco, and eating healthily, can help
maintain male hormone levels. Starting a new exercise regimen (in
consultation with a doctor) can get the blood pumping. And wearing
underwear and being mindful of lubricant use can help with friction issues.
Aiding one’s sensual life by maintaining male organ sensitivity also gets a
boost from daily application of a superior male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin). It is essential that the selected crème contains both
L-carnitine and L-arginine. L-carnitine is a neuroprotective agent that helps
protect delicate nerve endings and maintain male organ sensitivity. Larginine is an amino acid that helps the body produce nitric oxide, thereby
helping manhood blood vessels to be more open and receptive to blood flow,
which also helps preserve male organ sensitivity.

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