Top 5 Scenic Rail Journeys to cherish the beauty of Switzerland



Top 5 Scenic Rail Journeys to cherish the beauty of Switzerland
Top 5 Scenic Rail Journeys to cherish the beauty of
Though Switzerland is considered as a small country, it has a wide-spread rail route that
runs across the country. This rail-route passes through fascinating mountains, lakes &
valleys & covers an area of approximately 5000 Kms.
Strange! But this extended rail-route exists to facilitate the tourists with the generic
scenery in Switzerland. No wonder, this charming country is visited by millions of travel
enthusiasts & holiday-makers every year.
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Here is list of top-notch Rail Scenic Journeys that you may consider undertaking to
explore the beauty of Switzerland:
1). The Golden Pass LineThis line provides the scenic beauty of the way connecting central Switzerland to the
shores of Lake Geneva. This magnificent journey covers the mountains (entire beautiful
sceneries that reside in the mountains), riding through six different Swiss states
(cantons). The Golden Pass Line covers eight of the prominent lakes of Switzerland and
provides glimpse of nearly perfect scenes painted naturally. This Rail Pass connects two
different linguistic regions. The journey is between Montreux and Lucerne. It mainly
Lucerne and Lake Lucerne
Lake Lungern and Brünig pass
Lake Thun and Spiez
Bernese Oberland
2). The Glacier Express’s routeIt is the world’s slowest express train yet it is also the most prominent train rides of
Switzerland covering two renowned mountain destinations, St. Moritz and Zermatt. The
difference that makes it more attractive and popular train ride is that it covers around
291 bridges and 91 tunnels, three states and two separate lingual states of Switzerland.
This journey is full of scenes from the mountains and the lakes as well covering
approximately 290 KMs, same as the number of bridges it covers.
The main attractions that this train route covers are:
St. Moritz
Albula Line (UNESCO)
Landwasser Viaduct
Rhine Gorge
Oberalp Pass
3). Bernina Express’s routeIf you wish to embrace the exquisiteness of the Alps, you must undertake a tour on the
Bernina Express. It runs across the ancient sites of the medieval city, Chur across the
Alps. Bernina Express crosses around 196 bridges and 55 tunnels before terminating in
Italian City, Tirano.
This special train gives you access to one of the world’s most beautiful scenic mountain
range, Alps. The access is inclusive of potent glaciers and palm trees that will give you an
in-jungle feeling. This entire stretch of the Bernina express has been considered as a
UNESCO world heritage site. This route also includes an in-bus travel to get you
acquainted with the banks of Lake Como and through the vineyards of Valtellina. A
Switzerland visa is all that it takes to undertake this charismatic train journey. The main
attractions covered by the Bernina Express Route include:
Ospizio Bernina
Brusio Circular Viaduct
Valtellina and Lake Como
4). Voralpen Express’s routeThe exhilarating Voralpen Express of Switzerland commutes from St. Gallen to Lucerne.
The term Voralpen Express translates literally to “Pre-Alpine” Express.
This train ride is not as touristy as the other rail routes. It covers a distance of around
125 kilometers & completes the one-way journey in around 2 hours & 15 minutes.
Some of the enchanting destinations covered by Voralpen Express are given below:
St. Gallen
Rothenthurmer Moor
Lake Zurich, Zug and Lucerne
5). Gotthard Panorama Express’s routeThis historic Gotthard Train line journey from Lucerne to Lugano will add a touch of
exhilaration & thrill to your visit to Switzerland. Your trip starts with the boat journey to
Fluelen from where the Panorama Express takes you on the legendary historic Gotthard
route ending at sunny southern part of Switzerland that touches Italy.
Total distance covered by this Gotthard Panorama Express includes 38 kilometers on
the steamboat & 183 kilometers via train.
Gotthard Panorama, the world’s longest tunnel of 57 kilometers, saves the duration of
time of travel through the Alps. It enables the commuters to get to the Canton of Ticino,
Italy in mere 20 minutes.
The main places of interest of this train route are:
Lake Lucerne
Baroque church of Wassen
Ospizio Bernina
Holiday-makers, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to select your preferred
train-route out of these five incredibly fascinating train journeys of Switzerland.
Hop on these trains to embark on an enthralling journey though mesmerizing & serene
landscapes of Switzerland. Take your family, friends or someone special on this
enchanting train journeys.
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