Noun and It



Noun and It
Noun and Its Different Kinds!
Noun is basically a word which is used in the place of a name, place, person,
animal or thing. The Noun comes from Latin word namen that means "name."
Starting part of the speech which you learn in English grammar is noun. This is
one among the eight parts of the speech that is used in traditional English grammar.
Let us now discuss the different parts of the nouns with suitable examples. Nouns
are a crucial part of speech that is used to label the abstract idea and any concept, a
person, a place, an animal or a thing. The Nouns are some of the initial words a the
small child learns, use and understands. There are abundance of various kinds of
nouns, with differnt uses.
Types of Nouns
Noun may be of different kinds depending on the function that serves in sentence.
The kinds of nouns are as mentioned below:What's a Common Noun
The common noun is basically the kind of noun that is used to name the general
items. They are the words which refer to the non specific things. Moreover,
Common Noun Examples are boy, girl, chair, table, planet, car, person bike,
book, bird, box, dog, house and others.
Let us now see some of the Common Noun Sentences:
1- The boys are playing.
2- Jupiter is the biggest planet of entire Solar System.
3- This box is broken.
4- Preya is reading a book.
Proper Nouns
A proper noun is basically used to refer the unique entities. They are mainly
written with the capital letter and they represent people, places, organizations,
Schools etc. The Proper Noun Examples are Earth, New York, Lisa, Delhi,
London, January, Richard, Friday, Ganges, United Nations, Jainism etc.
Use of the Proper Noun in different Sentences
1- Saturday is the last day of the week.
3- The River Yamuna is a key river of Indian subcontinent.
4- New Delhi is the capital city of India.
What Is Abstract Noun?
The Nouns which are used for representing the states of mind or your feelings are
usually termed as abstract nouns. They are those words which we cannot hear, see,
smell, taste or touch. Abstract Noun Examples are trust, bravery, love, pleasure,
ambition, fury, ecstasy, desire, hope, greed, courage etc.
Use of the Abstract Noun in the common Sentences
1- We have an infrastructure that can fulfill the desire.
2- Hoping to see you soon in near future.
Collective Nouns
The Words which are used to define the group of objects are mainly termed as the
collective nouns. These Objects may be people, animal, place and other things. The
Collective Nouns Examples are flight (of cormorants), herd (of moose), colony
(of penguins), clutter (of spiders), team (of athletes) and troupe (of shrimps)
Let us now see where are the Collective Noun used in the Sentences
1- The girl picked up the bunch of juicy oranges from the yard.
2- A big band of the thieves stole diamond and jewelry.
3- The troop of the monkeys were quickly swinging on the trees.

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