ADHD and Its Impact on Sensual Health


ADHD and Its Impact on Sensual Health
ADHD and Its Impact on Sensual Health
Although ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is often
considered a children’s disorder, it does affect adults as well. An estimated
5% of American adults have been diagnosed with ADHD – and many
doctors believe that there are quite a few more who remain undiagnosed.
Men with ADHD face a number of challenges, but most people don’t realize
that there can be a manhood care aspect to ADHD to consider. In some
cases, ADHD may have an impact on a man’s sensual health.
Just to refresh everyone’s memories, ADHD is, according to,
“a condition that causes a person to have a variety of symptoms which may
include impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and difficulty paying attention.”
It’s most often thought of as a disorder that causes kids (typically boys) to
behave in a chaotic, loud manner. That is a vast oversimplification, of
course, but it does pinpoint the fact that many view ADHD as a disruptive
and difficult-to-handle disorder.
Those diagnosed with ADHD in childhood typically are treated through a
variety of means, including medication and the learning of coping strategies.
But adults who were not diagnosed as children do not have the advantage of
years of this treatment, making the disorder even more challenging for them.
Sensual health
ADHD can have an impact on a person’s health in a variety of ways. One of
these is on the sensual drive, and the effects can be highly contradictory.
For example, in some people, ADHD is associated with a much diminished
sensual drive. This can in turn bring about some tumescence dysfunction
situations in men. But others find that they have a greatly heightened sensual
drive, to the point that they may be classified as having hypersensuality.
With hypersensuality, a person’s sensual life is “manic.” They feel a
heightened degree of stimulation, often a high percentage of the time. In
many cases, a man with hypersensuality will engage in excessive
pleasuring, often self-stimulating multiple times a day. He may also engage
in excessive partner-based sensual activity, indulging in behavior that would
be classified as promiscuous and often taking multiple sensual partners.
The combination of ADHD and hypersensuality can thus cause a man to
make bad decisions, such as participating in risky sensual behavior
(unprotected coupling, coupling without determining “safety” of a partner,
etc.). Often such a person is obsessed with sensual activity, to the point that
it interferes with the rest of their lives. They also rarely establish actual
intimacy with their sensual partners.
All of which can put an ADHD man with hypersensuality at risk of
contracting partner-transmitted infections (PTIs) (and passing those PTIs
along to partners), obtaining a sore, painful manhood due to rough handling
and overuse, difficulty maintaining relationships, even of losing his job if he
cannot keep his hypersensuality under control at work.
Adults with ADHD who find themselves with sensual health issues should
contact their doctor and discuss these problems openly and candidly to
determine the best path to take. It is likely to involve both medications and
the inclusion of a mental health professional on the team to help the patient
develop strategies to recognize hypersensual signs and behaviors and to
learn how to cope.
Sensual health issues can impact any man, whether he has ADHD or not,
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