Some Indicators That You’re Addicted to Self-gratification



Some Indicators That You’re Addicted to Self-gratification
Some Indicators That You’re Addicted to
Most men enjoy self-gratification, and for a good reason. It’s healthy,
releases feel-good hormones, and breeds self-confidence; but how much
self-gratification is too much? Is there such a thing? While there is no set-instone number that equals too much, it can be a problem if it affects your
daily life. Here are three self-gratification side effects men experience if they
take self-love too far.
#1: Your Job and Relationships Suffer
This is the hallmark of self-gratification side effects. When self-gratification
goes too far, it can get in the way of a man’s social life, professional life, and
yes, intimate life. This is both psychological and physical. The psychological
relates to stimuli. As men pleasure themselves more and more, the material
they use for inspiration also must accelerate. This material can make the real
thing less attractive. Physically, men know exactly what to do when they
give themselves a handy. Again, as frequency increases, so do things like
alternate movements, tightness of the hand grip, and the addition of adult
Here are a few situations that signal you need to put down the member:
- You take a sick day from work to stay home and love yourself.
- You blow off friends or don’t make plans so you can stay in for a marathon
self-gratification session.
- You’re late to a meeting because you decided to stroke it in the men’s
- You don’t want to have intimate relations with your partner.
- Intimate relations with your partner are less satisfying when you do engage
in them..
#2: Hurts So Good…Not Really
As with any activity, the more you do it, the higher the risk you can hurt
yourself. As discussed above, as frequency increases, things must get more
intense in some way to meet a man’s ever-growing needs. Injuries can be
short-term, long-term, or permanent. If you are noticing any of the
following, take heed:
- Skin chafing
- Tears in the skin
- Redness
- Soreness that radiates throughout the member
- Constant “ache”
- Friction rash
- Member fracture
- Member scar tissue
- Peyronie’s disease
- Extreme loss of sensation
- Member dysfunction
#3: Boner Brain
When it gets out of hand, self-gratification is always on the brain. You wake
up and love yourself in the shower. While commuting to work, you’re
caught up in a particular scene from an adult film. By lunch, the urge is
strong, so you give yourself a hand in your car, the men’s bathroom, or even
clandestinely in your office. Finally, you get home and immediately go
online to find something that excites you and spend the night in with some
take out and your hand.
How to Deal
Remember, there is nothing wrong or shameful about self-gratification.
However, when self-gratification becomes detrimental to your life, it
becomes an addiction, and you must deal with it like any other addiction.
Thankfully, there are a few ways to reverse these self-gratification side
effects and get back to a healthy and beneficial relationship with your
There are a few ways to “reset to factory settings.” Go cold turkey and stop
all self-gratification for a specific amount of time. Get rid of all the material
you use and block websites on all your devices. If cold turkey is too
dramatic, adopt new behaviors that set reasonable limits. For instance, allow
yourself to love yourself only once each day or remove all outside stimuli
and rely solely on your imagination. As with any plan, adjust when and
where needed.
Post-self-gratification Member Care
It’s likely that if you are solo-loving a lot, your Johnson is feeling the aftereffects. Use a specially formulated male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically
proven safe and mild for skin) to heal and restore the overworked skin. It’s
calming and promotes elasticity, which makes skin stronger and more
flexible. Also, it’s a great way to reintroduce yourself to your member with a
daily non-sensual massage. You’ll both look forward to this new addition to
your regimen.

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