Serifos Island – Wild, yet Charming & Elegant Greek Island-Pdf


Serifos Island – Wild, yet Charming & Elegant Greek Island-Pdf
Serifos Island – Wild, yet Charming &
Elegant Greek Island
Hi Holiday-makers! Are you looking for an ideal destination for
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Ever thought of exploring the pristine & charismatic beaches in
Greece? Scattered in the Aegean & Ionian Seas, Greek Islands are
the key characteristics of Greece’s morphology. The islands not
only feature highly diversified landscape, but also incorporate
golden stretches of unspoiled beaches, pebble beaches, steep
rocks, dark colored volcanic soil and coastal wetlands. Excited to
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Before you can embark on your journey to serene Greek Islands,
let us get insights of one of the fascinating & tranquil Greek
Islands –the Serifos Island.
Insight to the Serifos Island of Greece
Greek Islands are lauded across the world for igniting the
imagination & satisfying a traveler’s heart with a history laced
mythical tales, emerald waters, verdant landscapes, mesmerizing
sun-set views & scenic villages. The Islands of Greece truly are a
traveler’s paradise full of stunning landscapes.
Serifos is one such charming & enthralling island of the Cyclades
Archipelago. The undeveloped wild landscapes, stunning beaches,
serene atmosphere and authentic Cycladic flair. Located in the
Aegean Sea, Serifos features some of the world’s magnificent
The traditional Cycladic architecture, little whitewashed houses &
churches add to the glory of this spectacular island. Serifos Island
has kept its beauty pristine & maintained the authenticity of its
However, this beautiful Greek Island is under the radar of the
international tourists. This island has no cruise ships, no docks,
no airport, yet Serifos has a unique tourism season just like its
neighboring islands, Mykonos & Santorini.
Excited to explore this lovely island? A Greece Tourist Visa is
probably all you need to get to this seraphic Greek Island.
Five Unique things to do on Serifos Island
While every Greek island boasts about its unique charisma, the
Serifos Island certainly has one of its own. The stunning Cycladic
landscape is the chief characteristic of Serifos Island. The rough &
rocky backdrop of Serifos is ideal for the adrenaline junkies to
roam around & undertake ventures.
Here is a list of some top-notch activities that you may consider
undertaking while in Greece1). Explore imposing Chora: The Serifos Chora or the main
town of Serifos is a unique sight to behold. The whitewashed
cubist buildings & homes cascading down a mountain side are a
treat to the eyes.
During the Venetian Times, the Chora Town was concealed
behind strong fortified walls so as to protect the residents from
the attacks of pirates. What you can see today are the remains of
those stone walls. You can cherish incredible panoramic view of
the mountains around from narrow lanes, cobbled streets & stone
paths of the Chora Town.
2). Hike the Mining Trail: Hiking the Serifos Mining Trail is
one of the best things to do in Serifos Greece. This hiking trail is
located besides the bay called Megalo Livadi. This neoclassical
building overlooks the surroundings areas.
You can undertake a natural seaside trail through Megalo Livadi
bay & walk by the rusted out remnants scattered on green fields.
Walk down the sloping verdant hills studded with wild flowers to
reach the warm water springs & colorful calico of the colors.
3). Head to the Beaches of Serifos: Serifos Greece is lauded
for its lovely, magnificent & pristine beaches. The beach-goers get
to select from a myriad of beaches that are capable of satisfying all
While Serifos beaches may be small, they are acclaimed for being
idyllic & pristine. Some of the renowned islands of Serifos are Psili
Ammos, AgiosSostis, KaloAmbeli, Vagia, Ganema, Avlomonas,
Lividakia, Malliadiko, Avessalos and PlatisGialos.
Psili Ammos Beach has been accredited with Blue Flag & known
for its boasting soft sand & shallow turquoise bay.
AgiosSostis is one of the most beautiful islands on Serifos lauded
for a whitewashed blue-domed church located on the rocky
landscape of this beach.
The charm of Serifos Island is however not limited to beaches &
hiking. The Serifian Summer Nightlife & Serifos’ cuisines are
worth cherishing. To explore what all Serifos Greek Island has in
store for its visitors, apply for Greece Visa from UK.
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