Anhedonic Seed Release - One of the Most Frustrating Male Organ Problems



Anhedonic Seed Release - One of the Most Frustrating Male Organ Problems
Anhedonic Seed Release: One of the Most
Frustrating Male Organ Problems
One of the benefits of reaching puberty is that a man at last gets to
experience the incomparable feeling of a sensual intense pleasure. The body
is finally ready to take him through excitement, tumescence, increased
stimulation and all the way to an intensely pleasurable seed release. And as
long as male organ health is maintained and there are no other male organ
problems (or health issues impacting manhood performance), a man is
primed for a multitude of intensely pleasurable seed releases throughout his
life. Unfortunately, some men may experience something called anhedonic
seed release, which can have a serious dampening effect on his enjoyment of
sensual activity, whether by himself or with a partner.
Not early on
Anhedonic seed release is not at all the same thing as early on seed release,
which is one of the more common male organ problems that a man may
encounter. With early on seed release, a man finds that he releases his semen
too early. In terms of clinical definitions, “too early” means that less than
one minute passes between the penetration of the male organ into the female
organ and the release of semen. In practice, however, the length of time
defining early on seed release depends upon the point of view of the man –
and of his partner as well.
Anhedonic seed release is also different from other male organ problems,
such as retrograde seed release or lack of seed release.
About anhedonic seed release
So then, what is anhedonic seed release? Simply put, this describes a
situation in which a man releases seed, but he doesn’t experience that
wonderful intensely pleasurable sensation that is associated with seed
release. (Anhedonic essentially means “without pleasure.”)
It’s easy to see why this is one of the more frustrating male organ problems.
Although men engage in sensual activity for a variety of reasons (including
as a way to have a deeper connection and relationship with a loved one), one
of the primary attractions of sensual activity is the intense pleasure. Without
that intense point, a man may not have as much interest in sensual activity.
His sensual drive may wane or his frustration at not being able to experience
intense pleasure may bring about tumescence issues. He may also feel
somehow less a man if he can release seed but without pleasure.
Not ruined
It’s important to note that difference between anhedonic seed release and
what is called a “ruined intense pleasure.” The former is a chronic issue,
whereas the latter is something which may occur from time to time. With a
ruined intense point, the source of manhood stimulation (a hand, a female
organ, a mouth, etc.) is removed from the male organ just slightly too soon;
the male organ is still so stimulated that it releases seed, but without that
little extra stimulation, there is a decrease in or an absence of pleasurable
Anhedonic seed release occurs when the brain stops releasing a sufficient
amount of dopamine during seed release. This can be caused by several
factors, including use of certain antidepressants. Low male hormone levels
are also often blamed, and depression or other mental health issues can also
bring about this condition. Some men who suffer spinal cord injuries may
be more likely to develop anhedonic seed release.
Men with anhedonic seed release should consult with a doctor to help
pinpoint the likely cause of the problem. When that is discovered, the doctor
can advise what steps to take for treatment.
Male organ problems such as anhedonic seed release can be difficult to
solve, but success is likely to be aided when the male organ is otherwise in
good health. Daily application of a top drawer male organ health oil (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin) can be helpful in this regard. When searching, look
for an oil that include L-arginine and L-carnitine. The former is an amino
acid which boosts nitric oxide production and helps keep manhood blood
vessels open. The latter has neuroprotective properties which can be
valuable in helping to maintain proper male organ sensation.

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