Keith Powell 1 oct



Keith Powell 1 oct
If you are looking for a cocktail bar that lives up to all your dreams of a true speakeasy bar, go
to tanner smiths cocktail bar, this speakeasy cocktail bar is a true representation of speakeasy
culture bringing you a convival setting that looks just like an early drinking pub, you will always
love the dim-light atmosphere, lovely crowd and the inspiring setting of true antique décor, the
bar has fine wooden styles, brick walls and a tile floor that will bring you to the prohibition era
in NYC, this Speakeasy cocktail bar midtown is not only known for its fine interior setting but
they also offer some creative craft cocktails with the best ingredients, you can go with their
delicious cocktail mixtures or may be try out the signature craft cocktails that they serve.
When it comes to craft cocktails this cocktail bar is the best cocktail bar midtown nyc serving
delicious craft cocktails near me, You will always love the Winona cocktail bringing you a true
feel of a speakeasy style, for the tasty Winona drink the tanner smiths bar infuses their version
of the old fashioned drink with a smoke herb to give you that original feel of a well-crafted
artisan cocktails, asides the Winona that is served at tanner smiths bar the menu also offers
some other delicious cocktail options, they have other well-crafted mixologies and thankfully,
the menu also brings a new selection of craft beer, whether you are ready for a rum, whiskey,
concoction you can always snag a seat and grab a tasty craft beer.
One thing you cannot afford to miss at this cocktail bar is the delicious brunch, the tanner
smiths has the Best Brunch Near Me and their gourmet approach to brunch gives you a chance
to choose some of the finest dishes, for brunch you can always eat the Mac and cheese,
eggplant chips and many more tasty delicacies, when you finally find this brunch to be a
masterpiece you can now make reservations for their delicious late night food.
The tanner smiths cocktail bar also hosts the best private events in midtown, if you have an
occasion you want to host the tanner smiths bar offers a convivial and well-arranged setting for
that special occasion they also have a good selection of Craft Cocktails midtown serving you
the best cocktails for your cocktail parties or any other event.
If you want to be a part of the fun at the tanner smiths bar always check the bar on 266 west,
54th street, the tanner smiths bar always serves delicious cocktails and dishes in the best
speakeasy setting.

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