The different types of certificate of authenticit1



The different types of certificate of authenticit1
The different types of certificate of authenticity
The expert painter whose brilliant and bold works are in great demand all over the world has long dreamed of creating a
catalog that confirmed the authenticity of his works, whose number does not stop growing. In an interview, an artist
uses pop-culture images to create paintings, clothes, and furniture which use Blockchain for Artists technology, the
distributed registration technology to confirm the Artwork Authentication. This problem is old as art itself, and artists
have always been unreliable witnesses when determining the Art Authentication of their paintings.
The certificate of authenticity painting
A certificate of authenticity painting is the identity card of the artwork. This certificate is issued at the acquisition of a
table and will follow it for life to allow its declaration, identification, and authentication. The Permanent Artwork
Certification of authenticity includes several pieces of information to ensure that the work has been done by the artist in
question at a given time.
It is the artist himself who will issue the certificate of authenticity which will include the following information namely:
the name of the artist, the professional numbers, the title of the work, its dimensions, its photo, technical, materials, the
signature of the artist.
However, it is important to pay attention to fraud even though this certificate must be tamper-proof.
The certificate of authenticity photo
The certificate of authenticity photo is achievable on the sale of a numbered print. To certify a photo, there are several
methods and you choose the one that suits you best. It all depends on the artist's choice, the cost involved and the
credibility provided to the buyer.
The certificate of authenticity artwork
No one can deny that the price of a work of art depends mainly on its degree of authenticity. This certificate is regulated
to prevent fraud. Any seller of works of art must at the request of the buyer issue an invoice, receipt or slip of the public
sale which contains all the specificities concerning the authenticity of the property, the mentions associated with its
description and of course an Art Authentication Certificate.
Certificate of authenticity digital artwork
It is possible to trace his works of art and to verify their provenance with a single click in an international, digital and
decentralized register specialized in works of art. The work will thus know traceability for life. You will avoid any risk of
falsification and copying and you will enjoy a clear history that will simplify all business procedures, donations, loans,
and legacies.
The durability of the work is guaranteed and proven. It becomes possible to track the works, monotonize sales and free
up time to indulge in creation. In a word, you take full control of your art.
You are sure to acquire the artwork that you like with confidence. You will be accompanied from the beginning to the
end of the transaction and build your collection safely thanks to the certificate of authenticity digital artwork.
A numbered certificate of authenticity
Registered artists will sign a numbered certificate of authenticity for all their works, whether original, in the edition or in
an enhanced edition.
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