Jock Itch - Try Some Probiotics



Jock Itch - Try Some Probiotics
Jock Itch? Try Some Probiotics
The misleadingly-named jock itch – misleading because even dedicated
couch potatoes can come down with it – can be a major annoyance.
Thankfully, it’s not a serious issue, but this common male organ health
concern can mar an otherwise handsome member and be a major source of
embarrassment when a guy is caught with his hands down his pants trying to
relieve that awful itch. There are numerous over-the-counter treatments for
jock itch already, but some people believe that probiotics should also be
considered when trying to alleviate jock itch.
A lesson about probiotics
Hipsters and health food enthusiasts are already likely to be on the probiotics
bandwagon, but there are many men who may have heard the word
probiotics but don’t really know what it means.
Probiotics are a kind of bacteria – which fact may cause some men’s guards
to go up. We tend to think of bacteria as a bad thing, but in fact most
bacteria are harmless – and some are actually beneficial. This is good,
because there are an incredible number of bacteria in the body – about 10
times as many as there are cells in the body.
Some probiotics are yeast instead of bacteria, but the two different kinds still
have health benefits for a person. For example, many probiotics are
associated with helping with digestive issues, such as diarrhea. They also
help fight ulcers, constipation and bloating, among other digestive concerns.
Beyond the gut, probiotics are linked to lowering bad cholesterol, reducing
inflammation, and keeping skin healthy.
Interestingly, some studies indicate that probiotics may have a direct male
organ health benefit as well. They are associated with increasing male
hormone levels, for example.
Jock itch
But what can probiotics do for jock itch? Well, jock itch is a kind of yeast
infection. There have been no real studies on probiotics and jock itch, but
there have been some studies on probiotics and female organ yeast
infections, which are similar in nature to jock itch. In these studies, the use
of probiotics seemed to have an ameliorative effect on the female organ
yeast infections. In addition, studies have indicated that probiotics may be of
benefit in decreasing athlete’s foot, which is a close “cousin” of jock itch.
Exactly how probiotics may alleviate jock itch is not known, although it may
have to do with strengthening the immune system, another benefit of
Getting probiotics
The body naturally carries probiotics, but if a man has jock itch and ants to
see if probiotics may “do the trick” for him, he will need to supplement the
probiotics already in his body. There are a wide variety of supplements that
provide probiotics; however, most nutritionists agree that accessing
probiotics directly from dietary sources is a better idea.
With that in mind, the list of foods that contain probiotics is quite long.
Among some of the more popular sources are yogurts, dark chocolate,
sauerkraut, raw cheese, apple cider vinegar, brine-cured olives, and miso
Even though probiotics are associated with good health, as always a person
should check with their doctor or nutritionist before making any significant
changes to their diet. And since probiotics alone may not clear up jock itch,
use of other treatments may be necessary.
Using probiotics to treat jock itch can provide other general health benefits,
just as specific male organ health benefits can be obtained by the use of a
superior male organ health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For best
results, select an oil that includes vitamin A among its ingredients. This
vitamin has properties which can help to reduce unwanted manhood odor.
The oil should also include vitamin B5, aka pantothenic acid, which is
required for cell metabolism and the maintenance of healthy tissue.

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