Male Organ Stimulation 101 - A Man’s Guide to Intimacy With Member Rings



Male Organ Stimulation 101 - A Man’s Guide to Intimacy With Member Rings
Male Organ Stimulation 101: A Man’s Guide to
Intimacy With Member Rings
Women get all the fun toys when it comes to intimacy, or do they? Men
have some nifty tools of their own when it comes to wanting a little extra
male organ stimulation. One of the best known is the member ring. Of
course, the idea of putting a tight circle around your member can be a little
frightening, but no need to worry! It’s more comfortable and much more
pleasurable than you think. Here is a quick guide to improving male organ
stimulation and your intimate life with member rings.
Male Organ Stimulation 101: What Is a Member Ring?
Member rings, also known as cock rings, are rings worn around the base of
the member to restrict blood flow from a rigid member, producing a stronger
hard-on or to helping to keep a hard-on for a more extended period. Some
member rings can be doubled, meaning that they have a ring around the base
of the member and another around the sack.
Male Organ Stimulation 101: Benefits of Member Rings
Why put a ring on your junk? Well, here’s a few great reasons you may want
to consider:
1. They help men get a more powerful hard-on. It feels bigger and
stronger. Member rings also can add the necessary male organ
stimulation some men suffering from member dysfunction need to
produce a hard-on.
2. They can also intensify and delay release, giving a man more time to
please his partner and himself.
3. Give her something to buzz about. Some member rings have a
vibratory add-on that can help a female partner release during
intimacy (since only 15 percent of women can achieve release through
penetrative intimacy alone).
4. They can help keep latex protection on. This is great for men who
sometimes worry it will slip, which can affect performance.
Male Organ Stimulation 101: How to Use a Member Ring
Member rings are pretty easy to use; just be sure to follow these quick and
easy steps.
1. Be picky about fit – There’s a difference between firm and too tight.
Be sure the member ring has a snug fit to keep the blood in the
member longer, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable or is turning
things purple. The best bet for newbies is to start with a stretchy
silicone ring.
2. Manscape in advance – Remember how it feels to get arm hair stuck
on a rubber band? Extrapolate that discomfort when considering what
it would be like in your pubes. For best results, manscape the area to
ensure you aren’t snagging anything or feeling the pull of pubic hair.
3. Put it on when totally hard – Don’t put it on when you’re soft; the
idea is to keep blood in the member so, ipso facto, you need to be hard
for it to be effective.
4. Don’t exceed 20 minutes – Don’t keep a member ring on longer than
20 minutes. That doesn’t mean your sweaty intimate sesh is only
going to last 20 minutes or less. You can put a member ring on at any
time, whether that be in the beginning or the middle. Just don’t exceed
20 minutes at a time; it isn’t good for your blood vessels.
Male Organ Stimulation 101: Member Ring After-Care
So, you’ve had your fun; now it’s time to clean up and calm down. Remove
the ring when the member has achieved release or is no longer stimulated.
Urinate to ensure all bacteria and leftover emissions have left the urethra.
Thoroughly clean the ring using anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Rinse
well and air dry. When dry, store in a safe place that does not get too much
heat or sun, as both can degrade rings made of latex and rubber.
Next, meticulously wash the member with warm water and a gentle cleanser.
Be sure to get every fold and nook. Then rinse well. When done, air dry or
pat dry with a clean, soft towel. Never rub the area with a towel, as it can
damage the delicate member skin.
As a final step, use a male organ health oil (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and
mild for skin) after cleansing to fortify the skin and preserve sensitivity.
Member oils with vitamin C are ideal because they contain collagen, which
keeps the skin bouncy and elastic, which is necessary for healthy and happy
hard-ons. These oils also should contain other nutrients and vitamins for
optimal male organ health wrapped up in a natural base like shea butter,
which is deeply hydrating yet doesn’t clog pores or irritate sensitive skin.

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