Male Organ Imperfections - What’s No Biggie and What’s Something to Check Into



Male Organ Imperfections - What’s No Biggie and What’s Something to Check Into
Male Organ Imperfections: What’s No Biggie
and What’s Something to Check Into
Most men hold their member in high regard. It makes so much possible. Not
only does it perform magnificently in its capacity as a fountain for urine, but
it also brings a man his greatest pleasure. In form and function, it is a mighty
thing. However, thanks to the “normalizing” of the member in society, many
men think there is something wrong with their third arm if it doesn’t look
aesthetically perfect. Things like pigment, spots, bumps, veins, shrinkage,
and skin elasticity, among others, can plague a man and make him insecure.
Let’s talk about so-called male organ imperfections – what male organ
oddities to worry about, and what’s normal.
Male Organ Imperfections That Are Quite Normal
There’s no real gold standard for a male organ. They are all different.
What’s important is that they’re healthy. When a man’s perception of a
healthy member is challenged by something, he may consider a male organ
oddity; he can get anxious and jump to conclusions. Here is a list of 10
different kinds of member “imperfections” that are totally normal, to help
men everywhere put their member in perspective.
1. The Lean – It’s extremely rare for a soft member to hang perfectly
centered, like a painting in the Louvre. Generally, the member will
favor one side or the other and will just hang out there.
2. The Minor Curve – Most male organs have a slight curve to them.
They can bend right or left, up or down.
If that curve is exaggerated between 20 to 30 degrees, a man may
have Peyronie’s disease, which can cause member dysfunction or
painful hard-ons as a result of scar tissue. This is a serious condition,
and treatment should be sought immediately.
3. One Ball Hangs Low – Interesting fact, one ball is bigger than the
other, so it makes sense that the bigger, heavier one rests a little lower
than its buddy.
4. Hyperpigmentation – Having darker member skin is a very normal
occurrence, especially when it affects the underside of the member
into the reproductive region. It’s merely the result of the reproductive
hormones on melanocytes. Also, the circumcision line on the member
often is profoundly pigmented, as well.
5. Freckles, et cetera – Just like skin on the rest of the body, member
skin is subject to skin tags, moles, and freckles. However, if a man
finds a growth that begins to change in size, color, or texture, he
should get that checked out ASAP. If you can’t tell the difference
between all the above, play it safe and make a doctor’s appointment
for an exam.
6. Member Bumps and Lumps – Noticing some little pearls around the
head of the member? It’s probably male organ papules. They usually
occur in one or two rows and are fleshy and transparent. If a man
doesn’t like them, he can get them frozen or lasered off.
7. Purplish Skin Growths – Angiokeratomas (say that fast 5 times) are
nonthreatening purplish skin growths that have a scaly surface and can
appear on the scrotum. They are dilated thin-walled blood vessels
with overlying skin thickening. They can sometimes bleed and nearly
always cause panic since they resemble melanoma. If in doubt, get it
checked out.
8. Loose Skin – Member skin has a lot of hang to it, unlike other parts of
the body where skin is tight. This is completely normal because it
needs to expand for hard-ons. The other side of this is that it is a kind
of deflated, droopy skin when not at attention. The good news, it only
sags more with age. Embrace it.
9. Very Veiny – Kind of like a spider’s web, every man has a unique
venous pattern on his pecker. Some veins are slight, while others are
prominent. Some are twisty, and others are pretty straight. It’s all
10. Shrink-a-Dink – Ever heard a guy say it was cold, and so member
size is inaccurate? Well, he’s right; size appraisal is all based on blood
flow. When it’s cold, it’s harder for blood to pump through the body,
making it harder for the member to swell and show its shape. It’s
natural and happens to every man.
Now that you know your member’s perfect, just the way it is, treat it to a
daily treat. Massage a specially formulated male organ health oil (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically
proven safe and mild for skin) onto the member every day to keep it
smooth and soft. These types of oils also deliver male organ health extras
like L-arginine, alpha lipoic acids, and essential vitamins to make the
member strong and healthy for years to come.