The Benefits of Manscaping and How to Do It



The Benefits of Manscaping and How to Do It
The Benefits of Manscaping and How to Do It
Who knows who first uttered the word, but since they did, manscaping has
been a thing. A big thing, as it turns out. There are a lot of reasons to, many
of them resulting in an increase in visitors and a more hospitable welcome.
Let’s talk about the very real benefits of manscaping, and of course, how to
get the job done!
The Fringe Benefits of Midsection Grooming
Some men just don’t want to battle the brambles willingly, but here are a
few reasons taking the trimmer to the jungle is a good idea:
1. If you sculpt it, they will come (and so will you): Want your own
private Field of Dreams? It’s easy enough, clear the brush, and make
your package easier to find. It’s also more hospitable, and that can
attract all sorts of attention. A poll in Cosmopolitan magazine found
that 70 percent of women preferred a man who manscaped. Even
Shoeless Joe would approve.
2. Let the member take center stage. Clear the pubes and shine a light
on the shaft. It’s a fact that the member looks bigger when a man
clears the weeds. And what guy doesn’t want to look bigger? Exactly,
none of them.
3. Smell sweeter. Overgrown and out of control pubes hoard all sorts of
odorific horrors like sweat, urine, male seed, bacteria, dead skin cells,
and any other mystery emissions. These things all together and out in
the air create a funk that George Clinton wouldn’t get next to. By
taking the member beard down to something a bit tighter, there’s less
hair to trap those unpleasant smells, making the area more welcoming
to others and friendly for a man’s nose as well.
Since you are definitely on board after looking over the benefits, let’s talk
about the how.
Manscaping Option #1: Clippers/Shaving
You don’t have to go bare when manscaping unless you want to. For men
who still want to have a little something to keep themselves warm at night,
use a set of clippers and go low. This is by far the most common way of
manscaping. For the dudes ditching their pubes, shaving with an electric
shaver or regular razor is advisable. Be sure always to use a new blade when
kicking it old school. In both cases, do not go over the same area more than
once, or you raise your chance of razor burn. Be sure to wash, rinse, and dry
the area after and apply a member lotion to calm the skin and keep bacteria
out of the area.
Manscaping Option #2: Waxing
A more uncommon choice, some men prefer to hit the spa and have an
experienced aesthetician wax their naughty bits. You’ll need at least a halfinch of hair, and be prepared for some discomfort during and after the
procedure. Take a few Advil before going and ask for a topical numbing
agent to reduce discomfort. Repeat every 6 to 8 weeks. Once the hair is all
on the same cycle, waxing may be less often, like every 3 to 4 months.
Manscaping Option #3: Laser Hair Removal
For men with a little cash to burn and pale skin with dark hair, laser hair
removal is a great option, though not one that is reversible. Men with lighter
hair and/or darker skin tones have less success and a higher risk of burns. It
will take at least 6 treatments to clear the area, but expect to go in for touchups on occasion.
Manscaping: That Extra Step
Manscaping can cause the member skin a bit of trauma. To calm and pacify
the area, use a specially formulated male organ health oil (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically
proven safe and mild for skin) to heal and soothe the skin. Using an oil
that contains shea butter and vitamin E to lock in moisture while calming the
skin is the best way to strengthen and protect the skin. Vitamins B and C
improves skin by promoting collagen production and cell regeneration. Use
daily for strong, silky skin.