Best WallTender With Wall-Mounted Taps Activated in the USA



Best WallTender With Wall-Mounted Taps Activated in the USA
Our WallTender includes wall-mounted taps activated using RFID technology that count ounces
dispensed on an iPad display screen. Upon checking their ID, customers are issued RFID cards that
enable them to try different beverages by the ounce. They can run a tab by pre-authorizing their credit
card or they can pre-load a dollar amount to become members and track their dispense history using
our smartphone app!
Apple Retina Screens
Customers can see the beers and pricing for TableTender taps through the Apple Retina display screens.
These high-definition screens display beer name, brewery name, ABV, style, price per ounce while also
delivering high-resolution branded images and logos to draw customers in for a taste. Customers can
touch the on-screen image to learn more about the brewing process, brewery, flavor profile and
suggested pairings for a more beer educational experience.
Fully integrated Solution
Our WallTender taps are fully integrated with our in-house BarTab POS system. All transactions are
identified, tracked and charged accordingly.
Pre/Post Pay RFID Cards
Customers can access the WallTender with pre- or post-pay RFID cards. Upon arrival, guests will receive
a card to use throughout their self-pour experience. During this check in, they can choose to pre-load
the card with a set amount of money or they can choose to pay later.
Membership Program
If you want to create a membership program to reward your loyal customers, you can offer Member
Cards. Patrons with these cards will receive pre-determined discounts and rewards and will have access
to the MemberTab application.
Mobile Activation Stations
Beer Ambassadors are in charge of the mobile activation stations. If a customer needs a card reactivated
or needs more money loaded onto a card, these staff members can do so directly from the mobile iPad.
Drivers License Scanner
Through our integration with Scannr, you can now provide driver’s license scanning through the iPad
camera lens. This becomes useful when identifying underage patrons and fake ID’s, saving you from any
lawful issues that could arise.
Underage Cards
Underage patrons still have the ability to access the WallTender Taps using our underage cards. These
customers can pour any non-alcoholic beverages you may offer on such as kombucha, coffee and sodas.
Everyone can get in on the self-pour fun!
Scheduling Happy Hour and Hours of Operation
You have the ability to schedule happy hours and set hours of operations on the WallTender Taps. These
happy hours will display the pricing on the retina screens for customers to see and adhere as they
please. Setting hours of operation will automatically turn on and off the taps when it is time.
Actionable data insights
Our technology provides actionable data insights into who pours what, when, where and how much.
This information can be used to identify sales trends - what works and what doesn’t what people like
and don’t like - and make adjustments accordingly.