Importance Of Learning From Shamanic Classes



Importance Of Learning From Shamanic Classes
Importance Of Learning From Shamanic Classes
Shamanism is a religious practice that
involves a practitioner who is believed to
interact with a spirit world through
altered states of consciousness, and help people. The goal of shamanic
practitioner is usually to direct these spirits or spiritual energies into the
physical world, for healing or other purpose.
Are you aware that the important beliefs and practices that have been
categorized as "shamanic" have been a topic of interest for scholars from a wide
variety of disciplines, including anthropologists, archaeologists, historians,
religious studies scholars, philosophers and psychologists?
Also known as a ‘soul flight’, the shamanic journey is when a shaman leaves their
body intentionally and enters the spirit realms in order to gain insight, retrieve
lost souls, and interact with shamanic spirits. It is believed that every one of us
goes on a ‘shamanic journey’ every night when we go to sleep. When we dream, it
is believed that our soul leaves our body to explore other worlds. Though our
souls leave the body for a number of reasons, but it is believed in shamanic
practice that few of us have the ability to leave the body at will. Shamanic
training is useful during such situations.
Before being able to intentionally leave the body and embark on a ‘shamanic
journey’, many shamans will first have to go through a near-death experience.
This, in a way, shows the shaman what it’s like to leave the body and will make it
less likely that they will be alarmed when the time comes to leave the body at will
for the purpose of Shamanic healing Australia.
In order to induce a shamanic journey, the shaman must first enter a ‘trance-like’
state. Special music or drumming may be used to mimic the frequency or
‘heartbeat’ of the earth and put the mind in a more relaxed state. The shaman
must also make an ‘intention’ for the journey, call on spirit guides, and make sure
they are well-protected before entering another realm.
A shaman might go on a journey for the purpose of shamanic healing, to
communicate with spirits, retrieve a soul or to meet with their spirit animal.
When it comes to shamanic healing, the shaman essentially works in tandem
with spirits, often called ‘helper spirits’, in the spiritual realms.
At Purple Angel Healing meet Claudia Boymouchakian, founder of the Purple
Angel Healing Centre. She is a teacher as well as a student. She has studied with
wonderful teachers who helped her to practice as a Reiki Master training,
natural Intuitive Healer, Angel Intuitive certified in spiritual counselling and
healing techniques and Angel Tarot Reader certified by Doreen Virtue PH D,
Angelic channel, Spirit Guide Coach certified by Deborah King, Universal Shaman
apprentice and Consulting Channeller.
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