Add On Hold Message



Add On Hold Message
Add On Hold Message
The sound of champagne corks popping seems a distant memory. In the time since the business
opened things have been going well, but like everything change is always on the cards.
To survive one has to be ready to move and it’s better to be ahead of the changes.
Whether its office rules or the NRL there will be changes. That’s guaranteed. Same goes for the
AFL, Rugby, Soccer, pick any code. Even the rules of Test Match Cricket are subject to a fiddle.
God forgive them.
Meanwhile at the hallowed ground of golf,
the Royal and Ancient St Andrews, they
have a committee constantly involved in
reviewing the rules of “the game for
life”. So things will be changing. The
business has to adapt.
One of the most productive and simple
changes you can make is keeping the
company telephones up with the times.
If you’ve got a product or special service
coming online have you prepared a new
Add On Hold Message.
It’s no use running old out-of-date messages to callers you’ve placed on hold. They’ll may
assume you are just as slack in every area.
They’ll think you don’t give a brass razoo about the important matters. Remember your
commitment to excellent customer service?
It takes very little to offend a potential customer and even less to alienate a regular. The fact that
you haven’t “got around” to the creating a new Add On Hold Message could be reason enough
for some to consider giving your opposition a call!
Don’t risk it. Today with everything happening on-line, keeping the telephone On Hold program
current and relevant is no big deal. Problems only occur when the changes aren’t made.
If this information is all new to you, maybe you haven’t even got a way of keeping callers on the
line when everybody is busy. That’s the basic function of On Hold Music and Messages.
Media Group, the business audio specialists will soon have you making a change for the better.
They’ll help you update your old program or create something totally new with scripting,
choosing the best voice to record your messages and getting the program mixed with cost saving
Royalty Free Music.
If it sounds too good to be true, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Make it a change for the good
that all your callers will appreciate.

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