D392004569-MKT-001 Rev 02 Pressure Cast Steel Pipe Brochure



D392004569-MKT-001 Rev 02 Pressure Cast Steel Pipe Brochure
PressureCast Steel Pipe
The Steel Pipe “Heavyweight”
PressureCast Steel Pipe
The Steel Pipe “Heavyweight”
No imported embedment materials
Ship without struts or end caps
Install without struts
Rubber gasket joints in all diameters
No maximum D/t ratio for handling
No minimum cylinder thickness for vacuum condition
Higher working stress allows less steel
Proven 50+ year durability of concrete lining
How It’s Made
NOV® Ameron® PressureCast Steel Pipe is a patent-pending steel
pipe manufactured with a “twist”. The “twist” is that once the steel
cylinder is fabricated with rubber gasket joints, a concrete lining is
placed in the cylinder and pressurized before the concrete is cured.
The pressure pushes the concrete against the cylinder, stretching the
cylinder to a stress below the steel’s yield point. After the concrete is
cured, the pressure is released. The steel cylinder then compresses
the concrete lining. The exterior of the steel cylinder can be coated
with mortar, tape, or paint, as appropriate for the pipe service
application. The steel cylinder remains in tension even after all creep
and shrinkage of the concrete has occurred.
How It’s Designed
Combined load testing of 60-inch PressureCast Steel Pipe establishes pipe
performance envelope.
All design formulas for PressureCast Steel Pipe have already been
fully vetted through the AWWA Standard peer review process. The
maximum design working stress for the PressureCast Steel Pipe
cylinder is limited to 50% of the steel yield stress, and the maximum
stress at surge pressure is limited to 75% of the yield stress, just as
is applicable to ordinary C200 steel pipe. Primary formulas for the
concrete lining and steel cylinder stress calculations for the pressure
cast process are from AWWA C304. From these calculations, PO, the
pressure at which all compression in the concrete lining has been
relieved, is determined. The steel stress at the maximum design
working pressure for PressureCast Steel Pipe is allowed to be the
steel stress at PO plus an additional 18,000 psi. This is conservatively
comparable to ordinary mortar-lined steel pipe, for which the steel
stress at maximum design working pressure is 21,000 psi.
External load calculations for PressureCast Steel Pipe are based upon
standard AWWA steel pipe laminar analysis, i.e., the stiffness of the
concrete lining, steel cylinder, and any mortar coating are calculated
as separate laminar rings and then added together. External load
capacity for various embedment conditions is then calculated in
accordance with AWWA Manual M11 Steel Water Pipe: A Guide for
Design and Installation.
The proven performance limit for the concrete lining in PressureCast
Steel Pipe is to assure no cracks wider than 1/16” when the pipe is
under a combination of working pressure and a maximum design
pipe deflection of 2%. The 1/16” crack width limit is common for
mortar linings on ordinary AWWA C200 steel pipe and recognized as
a crack width that will readily close autogenously when the pipe is
filled with water.
Test Results
120-degree sand-bearing and full-embedment combined load
tests have demonstrated a safety factor greater than 2 for a
PressureCast Steel Pipe design deflection limit of 2%, and that
the 18,000 psi additional steel stress above the steel stress at Po
is conservative. Testing and field experience have established
that PressureCast Steel Pipe can be shipped, handled, installed,
and backfilled without struts or end caps. Testing has shown
PressureCast Steel Pipe is much stiffer than necessary to allow
bedding and backfilling with, and consolidation of, screened
excavated material, including clays.
Available Diameters
PressureCast Steel Pipe is initially being offered for vertically-cast pipe in
diameters 48” and larger. Equipment fabrication lead times are applicable.
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