Natural Resources in Portugal



Natural Resources in Portugal
“Natural Resources
in Portugal”
Project Socrates Comenius
“Green Harmony”
Agrupamento de Escolas de Campo Maior
Geological resources in Portugal are
unevenly distributed, being the most
important areas in terms of production
of ornamental region of Alentejo
(Portalegre and Évora) and Tagus Valley
and West.
Marble Quarry
Granite Quarry
On the other hand we still mineral
waters and natural springs, an
production has been increasing. It
is worth highlighting at this level
the areas of the north and center.
In addition to the water we also have waters of high
temperature, recovered in spas.
We can find them all over the country although the
largest concentration is in the north.
In the map you can see the surface and
underground water resources.
In addition we still consider the biological
resources with special incidence on the forest.
Let us recall that Portugal is a major producer
of cork.
We also have to consider the climatic
resources. Because our country is a region
with an exceptional climate, with strong
resources for alternative energy production,
either by the use of solar energy, or wind
energy. The production of this one is
concentrated all over the coast.

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