Geometry - Bethel School District



Geometry - Bethel School District
Willamette High School
Bethel School District
Algebra 1
Room 3
Fall 2015
Mr. Saputo
Office: 541-689-0731, ext. 4163
Instructional Access: Second half of 7th period PAT
[email protected]
Dates of Class: September 10th
Course Description/Content:
This course allows for high school students to hone their algebra skills and strive for improved learning.
From this course, students will understand the basis or equations, develop skills to transition into a career
by following the pace and expectations required, and enhance their problem solving skills and critical
inquiry, all through proficiency based curriculum. In addition, students will gain skills allowing them to
succeed leading to graduation and beyond.
Textbooks and Materials:
Larson et al. (2004). Algebra 1. McDougal Littell, Illinois.
Students will check this book out the second week of school and will be used as a supplement.
Holt McDougal Mathematics (2010) Exploration in Core Math: Algebra 1. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. New
The teacher will provide the consumable textbooks. We will be supplementing the material as well with
previous textbooks.
Students will be required to have their notebook, pencil lead ONLY writing utensils and their assignment
book. Students should expect to bring this every day to class. The textbook will be brought to class at the
teachers notice.
Being organized in your studies is extremely important. For this reason, I am suggesting all of you
purchase a three-subject notebook or sectioned three-ring binder to be used only for this course. The first
section is for taking notes, the second is for work on board problems, and the third is for homework. If you
are unable to get this, contact me and I will accommodate.
Prep Work: 10% of your overall grade is based on your preparation work. Prep work (includes
classwork and homework) is the key to understanding the material. Students should expect to have
homework every night in this class. Students are expected to come to class with their work completed and
done on their own. If you miss a class, it is due the class after you return to school, however, you are
expected to get caught up. SHOW YOUR WORK for full marks. If you need extra help, see a math
teacher at their PAT times, myself 7th period, or a 3:30 free tutoring opportunity in the library. Learning
targets will be given to you before the start of a new section.
Daily homework quizzes and warm-ups are generally worth 10 points. If you are tardy to class, you will
not be allowed to make up this work.
Calculators will only be used on a limited basis. Unless I notify you otherwise. Please refrain
from using calculators on math outside of the classroom too. You are expected to show all work
on assessments without a calculator.
Assessments: 75% of your overall grade is based on assessments.
Assessments will be given regularly, and chapter assessments will be administered after each chapter is
completed. Assessments will be announced at least a week in advanced. Assessments will be granted
when students complete an Assessment Pass, given the period before the test. Students with an excused
absence the day before or the day of an announced test should be prepared to take the test upon their
As part of the proficiency model, students will be allowed to retake chapter tests and quizzes. In order to
do this the following conditions must be met:
a. Students must complete all of the prep work and the review by the original quiz or test.
b. Students must complete a second review assignment prior to retaking the chapter test (not
necessary for quizzes)
c. Retakes must be completed prior to the next assessment.
d. No retests will be allowed the last week of the term (finals week)
e. Final exams cannot be retested
These tests and quizzes are closed book and note. If a student is absent during the assessment pass day,
they will need to see me to get that pass so they can be ready for the test the next period with me. If a
student is unexcused, they are considered getting a 0 on the assessment and need to retake it to pass.
Finals: 15% of your overall grade. No second chances on the final exam! A final assessment will be
given at the end of each semester that has questions from all the power standards you have mastered. About
a week of time prior to the final will be allotted to review. During this week, students are encouraged to
make a one-page note sheet to use on the test. Not only will it help you on the final, but it also promotes
good studying strategies used commonly at the high school and college levels. Students will be expected to
complete a Assessment Pass.
Grading: The grading for this class is as follows:
90 – 100 % = A (Mastery)
80 – 89% = B (Proficient)
70 – 79% = C (Approaching Proficient) 69% and below = F(Not Proficient)
Class grade are rounded, so a 69.5% would be considered a C-. Do not ask me to round up 69.4%!
Therefore, 90% of your grade is assessment, 10% is prep work/homework.
Checking grades:
I will upload grades to eschool/Home access “at least” after each chapter is completed and I have graded
the assessment. Please keep track of your OWN grades through eschool/Home access. I will answer
questions about your grade but not what your grade is! If you care unable to see your grades, see the
councilor ASAP!
Due Dates:
Assignments and Assessment Passes are due the next class (except for the second Assessment Pass).
Students are required to finish their assignment before class and be ready with questions as the bell rings.
The assignment is then due after questions pertaining to the homework/assessment pass have been
Make Up Work:
You are required to complete all homework within the same time frame allotted on the assignment when
returning from an absence. It is your responsibility to show me makeup homework as I am checking
homework. All late work will be accepted if it is fully completed and all work is shown.
Tardy Policy:
Being late affects the entire class and is inappropriate. Punctuality is an important skill to master during
school and further in life. Therefore, after 2 tardies, a warning will be given and the student will receive a
call home. After 3 tardies, a referral will be given and a meeting will be scheduled to identify what is
behind the student’s excessive tardiness. Every tardy after 3, will result in a referral and a call home. Just
be on time and in your seat when the bell rings and we won’t have a problem. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO
BE IN YOUR SEAT UNTIL THE BELL RINGS. We work bell to bell so no lining up at the door.
Power Standards & Learning Targets:
Within each chapter, there will be multiple learning targets for students to accomplish. These targets are
designed to identify important concepts in the material and give you a guideline of my expectations.
Students MUST prove that they know the learning targets though the Assessments that they take at the end
of a chapter. The learning targets coincide with Common Core State Standards in Geometry. Power
standards are the overarching subjects and learning targets are individual standards within a topic.
Mathematics is an interactive discipline. You cannot learn without practice. When I give time for you to
work on board problems you need to use that time for practice. This active participation, along with
following behavioral expectations will result in better grades on homework, assessment passes and
assessments. Get involved in class to maximize the learning experience. Participation is REQUIRED!
Blog/Remind 101:
Student and parents will have access to classroom material and happenings through my blog or remind 101
(text messaging service). The blog can be accessed from the district website under staff websites.
Every student has the ability to pass this class; it is up to you to make
that choice to work your hardest.
Note: Students who would like to take a retest for a better grade are welcome to, however they need to
study on their own time and complete the second Assessment Pass before taking the second Assessment.
Students will receive the higher grade of the two Assessments unless the second Assessment is below 10%
lower; consequently, the student will receive the lower of the two.
Lastly, and most importantly, students are required to take the second assessment within the next
Assessment. (Ex: if you failed Assessment 1, then you need to take Assessment 1B before Assessment 2).
Cheating will not be tolerated and result in a 0 and a trip to the principal’s office with a referral (Note:
Cheating in college is considered an expellable offense. See my cheating policy below from Pacific
Special Needs/ Students with Disabilities/ Rights and Responsibilities
It is our intent to fully support persons with special needs in this course. Please let us know if you need
any special accommodations in the curriculum, instruction, or assessment to enable you to participate fully.
We will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of any information you share with us. In general,
the school will work with students to improve conditions that may hinder their learning. The school
requires appropriate documentation of a disability in order to enable students to meet academic standards.
It is the responsibility of each student/guardian to inform the administration of his or her disability.
Students are encouraged to work with faculty proactively in developing strategies for accommodation.
Every student has the right to conditions favorable to learning. Students have the right to pursue an
education free from discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, age, sexual
orientation or handicap. Students at this school enjoy the freedoms of speech, expression, and association,
the right to privacy, the right of freedom from harassment, the right to due process in judicial matters, and
the right to appeal judgments and penalties for alleged misconduct.
Safe Environment Policy
The Rights and Responsibilities policy seeks to maintain conditions favorable to learning. Students have
the right to pursue an education free from discrimination based on gender, religion, marital status, age,
sexual orientation or handicap. Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves, both individually
and in groups, in a manner which promotes an atmosphere conducive to teaching, studying and learning.
This includes no cellphones and a respectful demeanor at all time.
Academic Integrity
We assume all students will operate in an honest and professional manner. All work submitted is expected
to be original and any inclusion of the work of others needs to be clearly and correctly cited. Consequences
for plagiarism will be determined depending on the individual circumstances. At the least, substantial or
deliberate misconduct will result in a failed grade and severe consequences.
Rough Tentative Schedule (Subject to change):
Semester 1
Unit 1- Equations
Unit 2- Inequalities
Unit 3- Functions
Unit 4- Linear Functions
Semester 2
Unit 5- Systems of Equations
Unit 6- Exponents/Polynomials
Unit 7- Factoring/Polynomials
Unit 8- Quadratic Functions
Unit 10- Data Analysis
Unit 9- Exponential Functions

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