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weight loss coaching - Western Health Advantage
Weight Talk® Program
administered by Optum®
call: 877.793.3655
visit: mywha.org/wellness
Can talking help you lose weight? It
can when you enroll in the Weight
Talk program. With the Weight Talk
program, you get personalized oneon-one advice from your own weightloss coach and a registered dietician.
Losing weight—and keeping it off—is
easier when you can talk to experts
who know what works.
Program Elements:
Get Started With Weight Talk:
Talk to a Coach. Have one-on-one conversations with the same
coach—your coach—as often as you like. Working with a registered
dietician, your coach can help you achieve your weight loss goal. You
get 11 phone coaching sessions and a dedicated team that will help
1. Log into your MyWHA account and
choose MyWHA Wellness under
the MyRESOURCES tool bar.
• Set realistic weight-loss goals
• Create an action plan to reach those goals
• Make healthy food choices
• Improve eating habits
• Overcome obstacles
• Celebrate milestones
Talk to a Registered Dietician. Learn how small changes in daily
food choices and eating habits can make a big difference when it
comes to dropping extra pounds.
Bariatric Patients and Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes: The
Weight Talk program offers special support for you.
Weight Talk Tools
• Exclusive Website: Access to an exclusive website where you can
connect with a supportive online community, track your progress
and access videos, articles and other helpful content 24/7.
• Welcome Kit: A welcome kit with a handy program guide, food
journal and other tools to help you stay motivated.
2. Under Quick Links, click on
Wellness Assessment, which will
take you to your personal online
wellness portal. We recommend
you complete the wellness
assessment if you haven’t already
done so. You will receive a
wellness score and personalized
3. From here you can create an action
plan for losing weight.

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