The integration of Virtual Flows into Material Movements within the



The integration of Virtual Flows into Material Movements within the
Lecture Series Space – Society – Economy SS 2013
July 10th (18:00-19:30) in Eichstätt, INS002
, INS 002
Prof. Matthew Zook
University of Kentucky
The integration of Virtual Flows into Material Movements
within the Global Economy
While the geographies of information flows are undeniably important in
structuring connections between and within material places, it is equally clear that
the global economy is grounded in the passage of physical goods through space
(Dicken 2001). Just as flows of material goods are shaped by immaterial flows of
information, virtual flows cannot be divorced from the materiality which enables
them. The lecture aims to simultaneously analyze both material and virtual flows
so that the effect of their inextricable relationship can be better understood. Just
as the global financial system is enabled by the materiality of high-speed fiber
optic cables laid across the ocean, so too is the movement of cargo containers
dependent upon the halo of virtual information that surrounds them as they move
through space. Towards this, the lecture highlights a range of ways in which
material and virtual flows are intertwined: sometimes complementary, sometimes
contradictory, but always central to the evolution of spatial relations in the
Matthew Zook holds the position of an Associate Professor at the Department
of Geography at the University of Kentucky. His research is focused on the
areas of Geoweb and new spatial media, Economic Geography, Augmented
realities, Code and Geosocial Media. Key Publications include The Virtual
Economy (2012, in: J Peck, T Barnes and E Sheppard (eds.): The New
Companion to Economic Geography), The web of production: the economic
geography of commercial Internet content production in the United States (In:
Environment and Planning A 32(3), pp. 411-426), The geography of the
internet industry: Venture capital, dot-coms, and local knowledge (WileyBlackwell 2005).
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