Workshop Feedback - Warrington Primary Care Psychological Service



Workshop Feedback - Warrington Primary Care Psychological Service
Warrington Primary Care Psychological Services
Step 2 Group Feedback Evaluation
October 2016 to December 2016
The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme has one principal aim,
to support implementing National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
guidelines for people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders. At present, only a
quarter of the 6 million people in the UK with these conditions are in treatment, with
debilitating effects on society. (
The IAPT Service in Warrington commenced in April 2011 when Mental Health Matters won
the tender to manage the service.
In the Autumn of 2016 commissioners agreed to a service suggestion that as a way for
clients to access treatment more quickly, they would be offered a workshop prior to
individual therapy. This was implemented at Step 2 in October 2016. Step 3 workshops will
commence in January 2017.
Summary of Results
Clients are often anxious at the thought of attending treatment in a group setting. As
workshops were introduced it was agreed to collect client feedback to assess how satisfied
clients were after attending group sessions and as a way to allay fears.
During Q3 12 Workshops where facilitated:
4 x Worry Reduction Workshops
2 x Wellbeing Workshops
3 x Stress management Workshops
3 x Panic Workshops
A summary of results is shown in the performance data on page 3. The comments from
clients are listed in Appendix 1.
Summary of Returns to Date
No of Responses
3rd Quarter October – December 2016
4th Quarter January – March 2017
1st Quarter April – June 2017
2nd Quarter July – September 2017
Performance Data
The table below shows client satisfaction with the workshops for Q3 2016/17,
Question 1
Did you feel anxious before
attending the workshop?
Question 2
How did you feel once you
had started attending the
Question 3
Were you
satisfied with
the content
of the
More Anxious
The Same
Not at all
Comments from Clients
Appendix 1
Sample of Comments
It was good listening to others like group therapy. The content was just right too and has
helped in just 3 weeks. The session lengths are perfect too. Good tutors too.
Didn’t know if I would want to open in a group format but by week 3 felt very comfortable in front of
I had read and tried to relate similar text book info into my life prior to this workshop and I had not
managed to benefit, I have found that the workshop has not really helped in the way that I think and
to help me address myself around people. It has made me think about why I don’t like to be around
people and why I feel trapped and not in control. It has also evaluate at what point my anxiety
increased and I can now relate this back to bereavements, and lack of control.
Very helpful thankyou
Very pleased I was referred and on a workshop within 2 weeks of talking to my GP
Telephone calls (assessment and follow up) very professional and knowledgeable.
It was very useful to know that other people suffer the same symptoms as me and are normal. I felt
less isolated and alone and felt as though I could contribute but was not pushed into it. The
techniques were useful and I will be practicing them. I appreciated the informal set up and felt
I liked the feel of the group, I was very anxious but felt normal whilst there. The way ******* leads
it, there is no threat, I liked that ****** lets people talk. It was personable.
I was initially not keen on a group setting but, once sessions began, I felt better about it. It was good
to see I was not alone! Leader made me feel at ease.
It was a practical workshop that suggested some good strategies for coping with anxiety and stress.
Useful and helpful.
I found the techniques helpful and the case study was similar to my situation, I realised that anyone
can feel like I do and that self-help is a good thing.

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