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New strategy for UK Life Sciences - CLAHRC CP website
NIHR league table reveals broad disparities in NHS research engagement
Research is a patient priority but many Trusts are unaware of how they are
performing in this aspect of the NHS Constitution. According to a poll published in
2011, 97% of the public believe it is important for the NHS to support research into
new treatments.
Please click here to read find out how your Trust is performing.
New NICE guidelines on service user experience in using adult NHS mental health
New guidelines have been issued from NICE offering advice on improving the
experience of service users using adult NHS mental health services.
Please click here to read the document.
New strategy for UK Life Sciences
The government’s strategy for UK Life Sciences was published on 5 December. It sets
out policies and investments that aim to support growth and innovation in the life
sciences sector, many of which are directly relevant to the CLAHRC. Please click here
to go to the website.
See also ‘Innovation Health and Wealth’: Sir Ian Carruthers’ review on innovation in
the NHS. Please click here to visit the website.
New leaflet for patients about research in GP surgeries
The UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKRC) has published leaflets for patients
which will be displayed in over half the GP surgeries across England, Scotland and
Wales (adapted for each). The leaflets explain why access to health data is
important for research and the safeguards that exist to protect patient
Please download the leaflet for more information.
Please click here to download the newsletter.
CLAHRC CP supported project promotes healthier lifestyles among people with
Intellectual Disabilities (IDs)
A project, led by Community Nurses and a Food Hygiene and Safety Manager, with
service user involvement and support from the CLAHRC CP Adult Theme, has
adapted a mainstream health improvement programme (CHIP) for people with IDs
and their support workers.
Please click here to read more.
A Special Nature Edition on Autism
CLAHRC CP Psychologist Professor Simon Baron-Cohen features in a special nature
edition on Autism.
Few scientists think that the leaders of the tech world actually have an autism
spectrum disorder (ASD), which can range from the profound social, language and
behavioural problems that are characteristic of autistic disorder, to the milder
Asperger’s syndrome. But according to an idea that is creeping into the popular
psyche, they and many others in professions such as science and engineering may
display some of the characteristics of autism, and have an increased risk of having
children with the full-blown disorder. Read more…
Poster Prize Mai Wong
Mai Wong, a CLAHRC Fellow in the EDC, has won the inaugural SAS poster prize
competition for staff grade psychiatrists put on by the Royal Society of Psychiatrists
for her CLAHRC research.
The poster was commended as:
‘This poster was not only clearly laid out, but summarised data succinctly, whilst also
serving to draw out clinical presentations through vignettes. I am sorry that we did
not have the opportunity to display this, but I hope that there will be an opportunity
for you to display this locally within your Trust/Deanery.’
RCPsych research poster_mlw2011
Background information:
National Institute for Health Research: National Horizon Scanning Centre (NHSC)
website has new features on
The NHSC is funded by the Department of Health through its National Institute for
Health Research (NIHR) to provide key NHS decision makers with advance notice of
new and emerging health technologies that may have a significant impact on
patients and/or service delivery or costs. The scope of the horizon scanning activity
includes drugs, medical devices and equipment, diagnostic tests and procedures,
therapeutic interventions, and rehabilitation aids and therapy.
To find out more visit the NHSC website at
New ERPHO data tool “Fingertips” Designed to support commissioning to improve
health & wellbeing & reduce inequalities
Our CLAHRC partner, ERPHO (Eastern Region Public Health Observatory), have
recently launched a new website tool called Fingertips which may be of interest to
researchers working in the area of applied health research. Fingertips is a rich source
of indicators across a range of health and wellbeing themes, designed to support
commissioning and reduce inequalities.
SDO Network/CLAHRC Research Learning and Sharing Event, 20th May 2011
“QIPP for Mental Health – Engineering the CLAHRCs for the Challenge”: SDO
Network/CLAHRC Research Learning and Sharing Event held in Cambridge on 20 May
Hosted by the CLAHRC for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, this event was the first
gathering of all the CLAHRCs involved in mental health research. The focus of the
discussions was on the QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention)
agenda, and how CLAHRC work might contribute to this by bridging the research and
practice divide. Participants were encouraged to think creatively and innovatively
about how CLAHRC projects were linking to QIPP outcomes using a framework based
on the Technology Readiness Levels used in Engineering. This tool is being developed
further for use in the context of applied health research. The event also led to the
creation of a CLAHRC mental health network for ongoing sharing of information and
collaboration on applied mental health research. For more information click here
Publication of ‘Governance arrangements for research ethics committees: a
harmonised edition’
News Title: Publication of ‘Governance arrangements for research ethics
committees: a harmonised edition’
News Content: The Department of Health has published a policy document of the UK
Health Departments covering the principles, requirements and standards for
research ethics committees, including their remit, composition, functions,
management and accountability. This harmonised edition revises and replaces
editions of the policy previously issued separately in England and Scotland in 2001. It
also applies in Wales and Northern Ireland.
News Link: Governance arrangements for research ethics committees: a harmonised
News Date: 09/05/2011
Manchester BRC compile report on patient and public involvement (PPI)
News Title: Manchester BRC compile report on patient and public involvement (PPI)
News Content: Over the past ten years, the process of empowering patients and the
public to take an active part in health-related research has been highlighted as an
NHS priority. This report is based on the findings of a patient and public involvement
(PPI) mapping activity, undertaken within the Manchester Biomedical Research
Centre in late 2010.
News Link: read more and download the report
News Date: 06/05/2011
Technical Report – Transfer of Care at 17 (TC-17) – pilot phase
Please click the link to download the report
Technical Report – Transfer of Care at 17 (TC-17) – pilot phase
Strengthening community voices in health research: workshops for patients and
members of the public
series of five workshops will be held between November 2011 and March 2012 for
members of the public and representatives of patient groups. The workshops will
cover key aspects of research including research methods, ethics, outcomes and
patient and public involvement roles in research. Read more…

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