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Slide 1 - rockcycle
Hi I’m Jon I’m a Igneous rock called obsidian. I have
a black glassy surface. I live by volcanoes. Its very
beautiful until the volcano erupts. I always feel squished
because of all the others igneous rock around me like
basalt, pumice, and granite.
I was formed when oozing red hot
lava came in contact with water. It
took a while for me to be formed. I
got really bored.
• I’m changing in many
ways now. I’m losing
the way I look by the
process of
Weathering is the
wearing away of
rocks by weather just
in case you didn’t
• I’m done changing at least for now. Now
that I changed into sediment. I’m being
carried by river to the ocean, I think its by
river. When I get to the ocean I will drop
to the bottom and after millions of years I
will compact together and form into one
big sedimentary rock
Oh hi. It’s been over
millions of years. I’m
a lot older now. I’m a
sedimentary rock. I
live near water, its
been quite interesting
not living on a
volcano but I kind of
like it. It’s a lot more
peaceful not having
all those volcanic
eruptions around.
• Now bye heat and great pressure I will
turn into a metamorphic rock. I cant wait
to become a metamorphic rocks because
ill have lots of a friends around and I won’t
be lonely. I can have parties with my new
friends and they can also come over for
barbeques. I think this will be the best
place I will live.
• Ahhh weathering
again. I didn’t know
weathering happened
here too. This is
horrible all my friends
and I are being broke
down into sediment
little by little. Next ill
be in a river beginning
to get carried to the
• Hi I’m a sedimentary
rock again called
Sandstone. Its so
boring just sitting
around in the ocean.
I mean all I do all day
is sit around and
watch the same old
fish come around and
swim all day long.
• Now its getting really
hot I think I’m turning
into a metamorphic
rock again by heat
and pressure. Not
again this process is
getting really boring. I
hope this time I turn
into a cool looking
metamorphic rock like
gneiss or limestone.
• Now that I’ve been
doing the rock cycle
for millions of years
I’m to old to go any
farther I’m just going
to die peacefully at
my metamorphic rock
home. Bye.

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