Specialty Ceramic Material



Specialty Ceramic Material
Specialty Ceramic Material
Our products are made of various material grades depending on the application
requirements. The materials differ highly from each other depending on their Al2O3
content, wear and heat resistance, insulation capacity and color.
So, depending on your unique requirements, we can help you determine which material
would work best in your application environment.
The Ceramic Process
Press Injection Molding
A significant part of our products is made with low pressure press injection-molding
which has the advantage of gaining products with complicated shape and thin wall. Due
to our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, manufacturing costs is kept low
which enables us to offer high quality products at competitive prices.
Extremely compact ceramic parts can be made with a hydraulic pressing machine. The
power we use contains 92-94% alumina (Al2O3). Some of the customized ceramic parts we
produce with this technology includes: electric insulators, wear resistant grinding
cylinders, tips, washers and more.
The firing of ceramic products is carried out at high temperature in both, electric or
natural gas operated furnaces of 1-2 m3, at 1.000C or 1.6000C.
At Cerlux we are constantly evaluating our impact on the environment and have long
term aims to recycle, reuse, and reduce our waste. For example, to produce hot water
and heat our entire office and manufacturing buildings, we recycle the heat from our
Fired glazing increases material strength and also provides
bright, aesthetic surfaces. In general, glazing is highly
recommended to protect the surfaces of ceramic products.
White glaze coating – either mat or bright – is the preferred
color in many industries. However, depending on our
customer’s requirements, we can offer any color in the RAL or
pantone palette.
A colored component can add substantial value and uniqueness to your system:
Ceramic parts that match your corporate colors
Identify your product lines with uniquely colored system parts to provide your
customers ease-of-use, while reducing system implementation errors
Set your system apart from your competitors
Enjoy greater flexibility in your system designs
After the glazing process, a decal can be applied to the product.
It can be your company’s logo, a phone number, part number or a
simple tagline – a decal on your ceramic parts can certainly make
your system components stand out. Simply put, decals are a great
marketing tool used to differentiate you from your competitors.
Tool Engineering
Ceramic manufacturing is a highly specialized procedure
requiring customized machinery that allows us to cost
effectively handle high volume orders while ensuring a
constant precise quality. At Cerlux the engineers and
developers are continuously working on improving
production processes, by designing our own tools inhouse. Tools are engineered with the most up-to-date 3D
compatible software. Various precision machines like
sparking, grinding and milling machine.
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Main Characteristics of Alumina Ceramic:
High melting point
Mechanical strength
Wear resistance
Heat resistance
Heat conduction capacity
Electrical insulation capacity
Acid and alkali resistance

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