CLMA Makes National Medical Laboratory Professionals



CLMA Makes National Medical Laboratory Professionals
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CLMA Members Celebrate Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MPLW)
[insert city] – [insert date] [Insert lab name] is celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals
Week (MPLW), April 19-25, 2015, by [doing X (explain activity – working with local charity,
volunteering, etc.)]. Through this activity, [lab name] is [achieving X (explain goal of the activity –
celebrating the lab staff’s hard work; promoting the lab’s importance in patient care and the
community; etc.)]
MLPW is an annual celebration of the medical laboratory professionals who play a vital role in
ensuring timely, correct diagnoses and improving patient outcomes. The Clinical Laboratory
Management Association (CLMA) and other professional medical associations have come
together to organize MLPW to show support and gratitude for the important work performed by
laboratory professionals and celebrate the positive impact of this work on overall patient care.
MLPW is a time for medical laboratory personnel to celebrate their integral role in health care
delivery and to be recognized for their efforts. MLPW also provides a platform for laboratory
professionals to inform and educate medical colleagues and the public about the medical
laboratory and how the important work of these dedicated skilled professionals affects and
improves patient outcomes.
About Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA)
Founded in 1976, CLMA is an international association of nearly 1,800 clinical laboratory
professionals. CLMA provides leadership in the clinical laboratory industry supporting laboratory
professionals at any stage of their career. The association educates and advocates on behalf of
members, and plays a leadership role in enhancing the image and increasing the visibility of the
laboratory management profession. More information on CLMA can be found at

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