Spencer Mason - Amanda Dahlgren



Spencer Mason - Amanda Dahlgren
Spencer Mason
Artistic Statement
As a photographer I enjoy capturing the motion blurs through lights in the twilight. I enjoy
painting, and using the darkness of the night as my canvas and lights as my paint to create
distorted images, I love light photography, being able to manipulate lights and colors is very
entertaining and fun for me. I loathe the typical photograph and I want to capture more than just
a thoughtless picture; I want to capture an image that sparks feelings and emotions. I want my
photography to be observed with the mind not just the eyes, unlike the usual flower or portrait
that everyone just stares blankly at. Even though the pictures are sometimes bright and colorful
there is more than what meets the eye. You can make your own meaning of my work and I
want to leave my photographs open enough, to allow people to have their own thoughts and
perceptions of what the deeper meanings are behind them. Enjoy the phantoms!
River Styx
Gold Sax
Don’t Conform
Angry Turtles
Spencer Mason was born in Phoenix Arizona in 1989, and
has been taking photographs for years! Recently, his
photography has taken a more serious direction and with
the usage of advanced cameras has allowed him to quit
taking boring portrait style photography and instead
focus on experimental subjects. He has been doing
video film and making movies for about six years. He
has also played various musical instruments but he has
now discovered how diverse photography can be and
how it can allow him to capture anything the eye can
see. Spencer doesn’t enjoy the happy, sappy portraits of
people dancing and smiling. The photographs he
captures explore different elements of emotion through
lights. Spencer Is still developing his photography style
and his work shall improve further with time.

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