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Materials Recycling Facility
Materials Recycling Facility
AmeyCespa´s Waterbeach
Recap contract is worth £25m to Amey over five years,
including the sale of recovered materials.
MRF capacity: 90,000 tonnes
Currently processing 240 tonnes per day / 1,200 tonnes per
week (this will increase when the RECAP contract is fully up
and running.)
Comprehensive waste management
Increase recycling production
The facility runs 24 hours a day, five days a week
The facility includes a wide range of equipment to sort dry
mixed recyclable materials collected from households and
businesses. Materials processed at the plant include mixed
paper; newspapers and magazines; Tetrapaks; cardboard;
mixed plastic bottles; pots, tubs and trays; glass; plastic film;
and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Materials are baled on site for onward processing.
The technology includes the following equipment:
Hi-speed elevated news sorter and cardboard separator
Ballistic separator (separates 2D from 3D materials)
Near infra-red polymer sorters (NIR's) - separates different
types of plastic
Overband magnet (separates ferrous metals)
Eddy current separator (separates non-ferrous metals)
Glass breaker & separator
Film suction
Wind/air separation (cleans glass once separated)
AmeyCespa has recently been awarded a five-year contract with
the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Partnership
(RECAP) to process recyclable materials collected from
households across Cambridgeshire. This contract will maximise
the usage of the facility, helping the local authorities to achieve
their recycling and cost saving targets.
The location of the MRF at the Waterbeach Waste Management
Park, means it complements AmeyCespa’s other waste
treatment facilities (Mechanical Biological Treatment, In-Vessel
Composting and Landfill) which are also on site. This allows
AmeyCespa to offer a comprehensive waste management
service to our clients.
Waste treatment

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