MGA Play-Day Online Sign-Up



MGA Play-Day Online Sign-Up
MGA Play-Day Online Sign-Up
The MGA is using a 3rd party planning tool, SignUpGenius (SUG),
to do both Play-Day and Social Event Sign Ups.
This tool allows the user 3 options when signing up, However,
based on user experience it is Recommended you create a free
SUG account (Option 1). Once an account has been created the next
Sign-Up could literally be a 2-3 click signup!!
Please see the following FAQs for further information.
How do I use the MGA Online Sign Up?
There are 4 primary steps to completing an Online Sign Up.
1. Go to the MGA website,, and select the Play-Day date you want to Sign Up
for. This takes you to the SignUpGenius form.
2. Check the white box labeled “Signup” (mid page) AND then click “Submit and Sign Up” at
the bottom of the page. Not done yet!
3. On the next page, assuming you have previously created a SignUpGenius account,
a) Select the box labeled “Login with my SignUpGenius or Facebook account”
(If no account see Option 1 to create or use Option 2 or Option 3; see FAQs below)
b) Sign-In using your Email Address & Password
c) Complete any Required fields and select ‘Sign Up Now’
NOTE1 : ‘Sign Up Now’ is a brown box just below mid screen.
NOTE 2 : DO NOT select the GREEN ‘Create a Sign Up’ at the top of the screen.
4. You will receive a confirmation page stating “ Thank You”.
- SignUp complete !!
NOTE: If you do not receive the confirmation something went wrong with your signup
How do I Create a Free SignUpGenius Account?
This is Option 1. There are two methods to create an account,
1. Go to prior to attempting a MGA SignUp and “Create a Sign
a. It will ask for your First & Last Name, your Email Address, and to create a
b. Select “ Register Now”
c. Use this ID and Password the next time you do an Online Sign Up
2. Go direct to an event SignUp and after completing steps 1 & 2 in “How do I use the
MGA Online Sign Up’,
a. Select “I do Not have a SignUpGenius account”
b. Enter your Name and Email Address
c. Select the box titled “Create an Account at SignUpGenius so I can login and edit
my items if I need to make a change.”
d. Choose a Password
e. Select “SIGN UP NOW”
f. You will receive a “Thank You” to confirm your entry.
Am I Required to Create a SignUpGenius (SUG) account ?
No. There are Two Options if you do not want to create a SUG account.
OPTION 2. This option allows the user to view and/or modify a specific
signup without creating a SUG account.
(1) Complete steps 1 and 2 outlined in FAQ “How do I use the MGA Online Sign Up’
(2) On the second page of SUG
(a) Enter your NAME and EMAIL Address
(b) Select the box titled “Send me a confirmation email with an ICS file and link
that will allow me to edit this item later”
(c) Click “SIGN UP NOW”
(3) You will receive a “Thank You” to confirm your entry.
(4) You will receive an email SUG with information on how to view or modify your
OPTION 3. This is the most simple signup BUT it does not allow the user to
view or mange any Sign Up. One and done!
(1) Complete steps 1 and 2 outlined in FAQ “How do I use the MGA Online Sign Up’
(2) On the second page of SUG Enter your NAME only
(3) Click “SIGN UP NOW”
(4) You will receive a “Thank You” to confirm your entry.
How Can I Check if I Have Already Signed Up for an Event?
Depending on how you completed your Sign Up, there are multiple ways to check.
1) If you Signed Up by using a SignUpGenius (SUG) log-in; simply go to , log-in to your free account and check your Sign Ups.
2) If you do not have a SUG account, but included an email address when you signed
up, you received an email from SUG with information on how to check or change
your sign up.
3) You may also go to the MGA play-day Sign Up, select the date and on the first page
you will find a link mid page that states “Already signed up? You can Change Your
Sign Up”.
(a) Select the link and follow the instructions to view or modify.
If you Signed Up with your name ONLY, there is no way for you to check.
 Your options are to send an email to [email protected] with an inquiry or
request. (response time not guaranteed).
 You can Submit another Sign Up. Happens all the time, and we just remove the
duplicates 
How Do I Cancel/Delete A Sign Up for an Event?
IF it is prior to the sign up deadline, you can use the same steps as outlined for ‘Checking If I
Have Already Sign Up’.
If you signed up with Name ONLY, OR it is Past the Sign Up Deadline, then please do one of the
1. For MGA Play-Days
a) IF during normal business hours, contact the LVGC golf desk and asked to be removed.
b) If after normal business hours, please email both Play-Day committee members
responsible for that day’s event, and the Play-Day Chairman.
 Their contact information can be found on the MGA website under membership.
 The committee members for that days play-day can be found on the MGA website
under ‘Play-Day Info’ and Schedule.
2. For MGA Quarterly Meetings/Dinners
a) Please contact the Social Chairman (name and contact information found on the MGA

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