Enrollment Eligibility: Student must be 15 years of age to enroll in



Enrollment Eligibility: Student must be 15 years of age to enroll in
Enrollment Eligibility: Student must be 15 years of age to enroll in new driver training. Per WA State law,
Enrollment will not be allowed after class number 3.
Attendance: Classroom and Behind the Wheel (BTW) instruction will be completed in not less than 30 days.
Student has 3 months from the date their course starts to complete the course. Per WA State law, students
may not miss more than 3 classroom sessions. All absences and failed tests (scoring less than 80%) must be
made up.
Students may not be more than 10 minutes late to class per WA State Law. If student is more than 10 minutes
late to class, they will be required to take the entire lesson over. This will count as one of the three absences
your student is allowed.
Students can be dismissed without refund from the course for excessive tardiness or unexcused absences. If
you have concerns about the schedule please let us help you work out a plan in advance.
Completion of this traffic Safety course does not guarantee student(s) will pass the D.O.L. exam.
BTW Practice and Scheduling Drives: It is 911 Driving School’s practice to have two students in the
instructional vehicle. There are instances when this is not possible. By signing the enrollment form, you give
911 Driving School permission to conduct BTW (Behind the Wheel) training in a one-on-one setting. Students
must complete a minimum of 3 drives by course end date. Any remaining drives must be completed within 3
weeks of course end date. All Drives must be scheduled outside of classroom time.
Some students may need more practice time with an instructor. Additional drive sessions may be purchased.
Fees & Fine Print:
A $40.00 missed drive fee will be assessed if a student does not show for a scheduled
drive or arrives late for the scheduled drive. 1 day, (24 hrs.) cancellation notice is required to avoid fee. Log
on to your account to cancel.
A $40.00 fee is charged if the student does not bring a valid Instruction permit to a drive or does not wear
corrective lenses (if required as specified on the Instruction permit)
No Flip Flops, high heels, or bare feet allowed on drives (Students with improper footwear will not be allowed
to go on drive, $40.00 fee will be charged).
A $30.00 fee is charged for returned checks. A $50.00 fee will be charged if any student fails to complete the
course within three months from the first day of class. Allowing extensions are at the full discretion of 911
Driving School. An extension will not be allowed after six months.
Refunds: A processing fee of $25.00 is charged if student drops the course prior to the 2nd class, no refunds
after the 2nd class.
911 Driving School reserves the right to make changes to the dates and times of courses due to unforeseen
circumstances. Notification of any and all changes will be communicated to parents and students as soon as
possible in order to cause the least amount of inconvenience to our customers. Changes will only be made if
there are no other viable options available.
Behavior: Students are fully accountable for their conduct and attendance. No food, gum, or drinks (other
than bottled water) allowed in vehicle. ALL electronic devices (cell phones, I-pods, music devices; etc.) will be
turned off and kept out of sight during classroom and Behind the Wheel instruction. Students can be
dismissed from the course for misbehavior, excessive tardiness, excessive or unexcused absences, cheating
(whether sharing or receiving answers), being under the influence of drugs, including alcohol, during any of
the instructional phases, misuse or abuse of Traffic Safety Education equipment, repeated and willful violation
of traffic laws, failure to complete assigned work and multiple failed tests without a refund.
Parent Involvement: Parent involvement is critical for the student’s success. 50 hours of supervised driving is
required by Washington State prior to receiving a Driver’s license. All students must be able to demonstrate
basic driving skills before we can issue a course completion. If an instructor believes a student is not ready for
their next drive, parents will be contacted to discuss options. Extra drives, whether desired or required are
$50.00 per hour. This can be avoided by parent involvement.
Organ Donor: Washington State requires 911 Driving School to provide parents/students with Washington
State’s Organ Donor Program information. Please see letter in Student packet. The video will be reviewed
during class 15.
Course Completion: Upon successful completion of all tests and activities required for our program and upon
the payment of any outstanding fees, Student’s course completion information will be entered into the
Department of Licensing’s database.
Department of Licensing Knowledge Test will be given after completing all “classroom” requirements. Test
scores will be entered directly into the Department of Licensing system.
Should your student fail their driving course, students may re-enroll at the cost of a full tuition. No refunds
given for course failures or failure to comply with school policies.
Washington State Intermediate driver’s license regulations: New Driver’s under the age of 18 cannot drive
with passengers under the age of 20 for the first 6 months. For the next 6 months they may not carry more
than 3 passengers who are under the age of 20. Exceptions are immediate family members.
For the first 12 months, teens cannot drive between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. unless they are with a licensed driver
age 25 or older. For a full review of all IDL rules and regulations, visit

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